Split vs Window AC – 7 Basic Differences To Know Before Buying

Split vs Window AC –

At present global warming is a huge problem with the result that the heat is increasing every year. In this heat, human life is on the lips. So to survive from this heat ac has become an essential thing in every home.

But people are still confused about the air conditioner. One question always pierces them which is ‘what to buy and what is the correct ac for them?‘.

The Air Conditioner is an important purchase you don’t buy or exchange it in every two years so it is a fact to think about before purchasing the air conditioner.

This is also an appliance which brings a lot of changes to your electricity bill. So definitely you have to choose this carefully.

If you are reading this article then you will plan to purchase an ac. So here I am trying to help you as much as possible. And I’ll provide all the information you need to build a decision on the purchase of an AC.

Split AC vs Window AC India 2021

The first thought that comes up when you’re thinking to buy an AC is split AC or Window AC which one is better.

What is Split AC?

By the name of split AC, you can understand that it contains two main parts. The name of the first part is Compressor and another part is called Air Outlet Unit.

The compressor is located outside the room and the Air Unit remains inside. The Air unit system and compressor are connected to each other by the electric wire and copper codes.

It works on the thermodynamic system. It replaces the hot air with the cold air in a cyclic process.

What is Window AC?

Windows AC is also called room air conditioners. It is a very simple model of AC’s family. It is fitted by the window or walls. It is a single-unit system where all the components are located together.

There are double fan motors one at the evaporator side and the other at the condenser side. The condenser side rejects heat in the outdoors and the evaporator side cools the room.

Difference Between Window AC and Split AC

Above I mentioned a short introduction about both the ACS. Now I compare both the AC’s features point to point elaborately.

1. Energy consumption and efficiency

There aren’t many energy efficiency differences between Split AC and Window AC. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates air conditioners based on their energy performance from 1 to 5. So the same rated AC whatever it will be split or window consumes almost the same power.

It is true that AC’s voltage is a great factor. But if the voltage is the same for both then by the energy efficiency rating you can determine which of the two is more energy efficient.

2. Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity is a very important factor for choosing the right option. Cooling capacity depends on the tonnage of the AC.

But if I say in one word then split AC can cool more space with its high-quality design. But window AC is better for a small room.

But here tonnage is a big part of which cooling capacity depends so if you compare between the two with the same tonnage then split is the better option than the window.

3. Installation

Installation is also an important part of the fitting of an AC. Installation of a window AC is very easy and simple. Whereas split AC installation is not so easy.

4. Noise level

When we discuss the noise of AC then I have to tell you that split AC does not make too much noise because its compressor is located at the outside so the fan motors which make noise outside the room. For office space or store split, AC is perfect to avoid noise.

Whereas window AC makes some noise because of its fan motors which are by the window.

5. Room size

When it comes to choosing the right AC room size calculation is also an important part of it. Window AC is enough for a small size room but for bigger rooms, it will be underpowered to cool the room.

On the other hand Split AC is perfect for office space and the big room but you have to calculate the space in sq feet and then pick up the right one.

Because if you pick up an oversized unit, it will cool the space fast. But you have to bear inefficient costing.

You can follow the BTU Chart for the selection of the right AC for your room.

6. Price

Windows AC is cheaper than a split AC. A 1-1.5 ton split AC’s price is 22000-26000 INR, almost double of window AC. A 1-1.5 ton window AC will cost 16000-20000 INR.

Hence, if you are purchasing the AC for the small room then window AC will be more profitable since it costs no extra installation charges. But for bigger, you have to choose split AC.

7. Maintenance and Servicing

Windows AC is a low-maintenance electronic good that is compactly designed for easy servicing and maintaining. On the other hand split, AC requires servicing and maintenance after a proper time interval. When it comes to troubleshooting windows AC is easier than a split AC.

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Pros and Cons of Window AC

  • It is more popular for its low price and eases to find.
  • It’s efficiency is high though sometimes it produces low noise.
  • The water drainage system is relatively easy.
  • It sends all the hot air to the exterior and exchanges with cold.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It has no maintenance cost.
  • It will block your window after you install the AC.
  • Water dripping cannot be controlled, it causes rust on your metal roof.
  • You have to bear more hassle when you need to move it to another location.
  • It does not give you a classy look at your home. It is usable for a small room.

Pros and Cons of Split AC

  • Versatility : it can be placed on the wall anywhere. It does not require a large hole on the wall
  • Attractiveness : it gives your home a classy and elegant look with your interior design.
  • Noise-free : it is more often quiet than window AC and after switching on it does not make any noise.
  • Energy efficiency: it is more efficient and gives a better service to the larger space.
  • Price : no doubt it is more costly than window air conditioners. It needs installation costs and also you have to bear a maintenance charge separately.
  • Installation: its installation is not so easy you have to do it by a professional, and you have to wait until the licensed professional to be available.
  • Noise : it is quiet on the inside but it makes a lot of noise on the outside.

Split AC vs Window AC Final Words

Here I have given you a short description of the differences between the window AC and the split AC now you have to choose the correct one and make a decision wisely.

If you tell me to pick it up after reading this article I will pick up split AC instead of the window AC.

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