Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser – 4 Comparison & Buying Guide India 2021

Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser India 2021

Geysers are basic things which you might want in your daily life. Geysers have gained plenty of fame in the past couple of decades, by virtue of the various benefits they have.

They aren’t merely eco-friendly and energy-efficient but are alike simple to work and require very little effort to heat water.

Geysers are exceptional water heating components that use power to enhance the amount of water from the geyser tank to supply heat water when required.

Geysers are mainly of two broad types called instant geyser and storage geyser.

While both rely upon electric power to work, the storage geyser normally takes a couple of minutes to offer hot water whereas the instant geyser heats water instantly.

Before we start our comparison article on instant geyser vs storage geyser, why don’t we first accept the simple fact that both these appliances have made our own lives considerably easier?

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Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser

Which is good Instant Geyser or Storage Geyser?


instant geyser

The instant water heater comprises a slightly smaller sized storage capacity between 3 and 1 liters and also possesses a heating speed of 3.5 to 5 kW.

An instant geyser demands a good sum of flowing speed for its heating system unit to operate properly. They truly are quite simpler to work and the system detects the existence of flowing water and activates its heating.

Advantages of Instant Geyser

An instant water geyser comes with a bigger capacity of the heating mechanism when compared to the usual storage geyser. That makes the product warm immediately.

The very low capacity causes a more compact size that can fit into virtually any location of your bathroom.

The heating method is completed with the assistance of low energy intake. Since the power of this application is small and also the heating system is done fast, the overall energy absorbed by the instant water geyser is lower compared to the storage version.

Disadvantage of Instant Geyser

An instant water geyser is very efficient at heating water instantly. Thus it is a somewhat high-priced product due to the technology and also the mechanics used.

It may be problematic for several users to pay a little extra.

Regardless of the minimal energy intake, an instant water geyser comes with a superior wattage. Excessive utilization of this applying may possibly lead to an excessive amount of load to the power grid.

Time Taking For Heating

It is only going to require a couple of minutes to heat water. This can become a massive advantage compared to a storage geyser which needs as many as five full minutes to heat water.

Where Can You Use It?

The instant geyser is small in size and requires less space. They have an ergonomic design that can easily fit in a compact space.

Moreover, they are going to improve your interior decoration as a result of their own appealing and magnificent design.


storage geyser

These kinds of geyser units are designed with substantial storage space to store hot water for later usage. Tank storage geysers contain 2 plumbing; a coil for cold water and a socket to warm water.

The storage system geyser work on the principle of conversion of electric energy to heat energy, employing the heating elements to enhance the warmth of the water.

That makes it perfect for families that are larger and will be properly used for showering and bathroom usage.

Advantages Of Storage Geyser

The raised and sizable tank capacity of this storage water geyser when compared with an instant water geyser empowers it to give uninterrupted water flow. That is ideal if the user has a huge family.

Disadvantages of Storage Geyser

As a result of rising in the capacity of this tank, even the geyser needs to warm a bigger level of water. It takes some time to finish, and while doing so, the storage geyser absorbs plenty of power.

Thus the energy use of this unit is more and it also may lead to a higher power bill.

The bigger tank capacity additionally leads to the greater size of the storage geyser when compared with an instant water geyser. This big size may make it somewhat difficult to place them in a compact and smaller bathroom.

Time Taken For Heating

Storage geysers do take about 5 minutes to warm water and after that reheat it if kept warm water gets properly used and also this process contributes to increased energy expenses.

Where Are You Able to Utilize

Storage geysers need a lot of installment space. Consequently, for those who have less space in their bathrooms then settling for this kind of water geyser isn’t the greatest idea.

But for those who have space and a huge family then these storage geysers are best for them.

Comparison Table

Type                              Instant Water Geyser   Storage Water Geyser
CapacityIt has a smaller capacityIt has a larger capacity
SizeIt is small in size and needs less spaceIt is large in size and needs More space
Heating TimeIt gives hot water instantlyIt takes 5 minutes to heat water
PowerIt requires less powerIt requires more power
ExpensiveIt is more expensiveIt is less expensive

Instant Geyser VS Storage Geyser – Buying Guide

When we take a look at any comparison of electric water heaters, it is likely that we will find two different types of products which are instant water heaters and storage water heaters.

Operating power

An important aspect when looking for an electric water heater of economic cost and adequate heating capacity is the operating power.

A power that must be in line with both the type of product chosen and its output capacity.

Starting with the instant geyser, they need a high power to heat the water, since it passes quickly through them.

In general, this power starts at 2.5 or 3 kilowatts of the simplest models and up to 10 or 12 kilowatts of the professional models and has high water output.

So it is convenient to adjust the power for our specific use so that the electricity bill does not end up emptying our pockets.

In the case of a storage geyser, the power depends on the capacity of the tank. However, for 100 liters of capacity, it is usual for this power to be about 1,500 watts and it increases in some models to 2,000 watts when the capacity is greater.

The advantage is that most of these models are that they include a thermostat which makes it easy to choose the water outlet temperature.

Heater capacity

In these tips, we cannot ignore the capacity offered by the hot water heater, and we must bear in mind it so that it adjusts to the specific needs of our home.

In instant models, the capacity is measured in liters per minute of hot water that the product can generate per minute. An aspect that depends on electrical power.

With the additional fact that these types of products reduce the amount of water discharged with respect to the inflow through their own operating system.

As for the storage geyser, the capacity is what the tanks of the different products that we can see offer us. In this case, it will be the size of our family that makes the difference.

For a 1 or 2-member household, models of about 50 or 60 liters are usually sufficient and should rise to around 100 liters for 3, 4, or 5-member households.

And if this figure is exceeded or if they are used in high demand environments then the figures can go up to 120 or 150 liters.

Electricity Consumed By Both Heaters

The instant geysers deliver instant warm water in optimal temperatures instantly. The energy consumption is within the range of 3 KW to 4.5 KW. The instant geyser when used for longer hours takes up more power.

The storage geysers have two KW of power. If you warm 1-5 liters of water, then the geysers will have the exact same quantity of power. The storage geyser uses less power because it heats water in 5 minutes and not instantly.

The only difference is that instant geysers require less time. But they put more load on the computer system.


A. Which geyser is best for the bathroom?

It depends on your requirements and budget. If you have a tight budget then you can go for a storage geyser but if you are willing to spend some cash then an instant water heater is a better option.

B.Is 3 Litre Instant Geyser Enough for the bathroom?

If you have a small family then it’s enough but if you have a large joint family then you can look up more.

C. Is geyser water safe to bathe?

Yes, it’s okay but make sure that the water is not too hot.

D. What happens if Geyser is left on for 24 hours?

Then it gets overheated and can burst to cause an accident.

E. Is geyser water good for health?

It’s debatable.


Bajaj, Havells, Racold, V-Guard, AO Smith, Kenstar, and Crompton are well-known brands with different capacities, such as 10 ltr, 15 ltr, and 25 ltr.

You can buy these geysers online from the online marketplace. After reading the buying guide, this is a wise way to choose a product. I hope this article will make the right decision

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