How to Use OTG oven for a cook

What is OTG oven?

The full form of OTG is Oven, Toaster, Grill. It is like a mini traditional mud oven that uses electric power to cook food in a contained box that has rods that convert electric energy into heat.

The heat in the OTG oven can be controlled and used to cook or heat food properly for you.

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What accessories are needed for an OTG oven?

accessories needed for an OTG oven

 A steel wire rack that is durable and of good quality is the main accessory for an OTG oven, it is the most important thing that is used.

We can also use grill racks, crumb trays, tray handles, rotisserie handles,s and many more accessories that can make baking an easy job.

How does an OTG oven work?

When you start the OTG oven it is in working mode and connected to electricity, the process of cooking starts with the help of coils that are fixed inside the oven that generates heat and the heat is absorbed by the food.

There is a fan that distributes the heat within the oven but most of the heat is dispensed below the coils to cook the food uniformly for you to consume. 

How can you use the OTG oven?

As the name OTG oven, it mainly performs functions like baking, toasting, grilling the food for you. It is used to bake cakes, toast bread, and grill meat in a very convenient way.

 1.How to use OTG oven for baking cookies

how to use otg oven for baking cookies

When you place cookies in an OTG oven there’s one big change: the temperature around the cookie will increase.

When you Come to think of it, that temperature does all the remaining work to transform the dough into the cookies.

More happens than you might think. Let’s start off by summarizing the main processes and we’ll take a deep dive into each of them as we go.

Melting of fats (this occurs at pretty low temperatures, butter is mostly liquid at 40°C).

Activating leavening agents such as baking soda & baking powder. Denaturation of proteins (e.g. those in eggs, but also those in flour, the gluten). ‘Cooking’ of starch.

Evaporation of water. Browning of the cookie due to caramelization  & Maillard reactions. Each of these processes influences how the final cookie will look like.

If there is a lot of fat, a cookie might spread out a lot, if there are no leavening agents, no expansion will take place, no evaporation of moisture (or only little) will make for a softer, less crunchy cookie.

2. How can you use an OTG oven for baking a pizza?

how to make pizza with OTG Oven

First step – when you’re making Pizza Dough

The step and most important step in making pizza is the creation of dough by mixing flour with water and or some other liquid (for example milk) and yeast.

After the ingredients are perfectly mixed together, you leave the dough placed in the bowl that is coated with small amounts of olive oil and be left to grow (yeast extract oxygen from starch in flour, and produce carbon dioxide which causes the flour to rise).

After around 1 to 1 1/2 hours of being in a warm environment, the dough will double in its size (if you don’t have access to the warm environment, heat up your oven to 150 degrees, let it cool until its just a little warm and place dough inside it.

Second step – Preparing the Pizza

While the dough is growing you can prepare your topping ingredients, and preheat the OTG oven to 450°F for at least 30 to an hour. When the dough is ready, put it on a surface that is lightly floured.

With your hands stretch the pizza into an oval shape and flatten it to be 1/2-inch thick.

The most common diameter of pizza is 10 to 12 inches. For the end-use your palms to create a lip on the edge of the dough, which will hold all the ingredients and sauces on the pizza.

The third step – Apply the Sauce and Toppings

With the dough prepared, now you can start adding sauce and toppings. Over the centuries, many kinds of tomato sauce became popular among pizza eaters.

After sauce (which will give pizza moisture needed for the baking process) you can add cheese and any other topping that you want.

The wide variety of these toppings can create countless types of pizzas – from low-calorie diet ones, spicy, vegetarian, sweet, to the real behemoths with thousands of calories.

Fourth Step – Baking

After you have finished with the toppings, the pizza is ready for baking. The usual amount of baking in a pre-heated OTG oven lasts between 10 to 15 minutes.

You will know that pizza is ready when the crust is browned and the cheese is golden.

3. How to use OTG oven to bake bread?

how to use OTg oven to bake bread

Firstly, in a large mixing bowl take 1 cup warm milk. Also, add 2 tbsp sugar and ½ tbsp dry yeast. mix well. Rest and allow the yeast to activate.

Further add 3 cups of wheat flour, 1 tsp salt, and 2 tbsp oil. mix well making sure everything is combined well. Additionally, add ½ cup water and knead well. Cover with cling wrap or moist cloth and rest for 2 hours.

after 2 hours, the dough will double in size. knead again to a cylindrical shape. Cover and rest for 30 minutes or till dough rise just an inch above the loaf pan.

Place the bread loaf pan in preheated OTG oven and bake at 180-degree celsius for 30 minutes. Finally, serve whole wheat bread or atta bread with jam or make a sandwich.

4. How to use OTG oven for heating food?

Aluminum foil is perfect for reheating foods in an OTG oven. Foods like roasted chicken, idlis, chapatis, vegetable parcels, etc can be reheated in our Otg.

For example, if you have to reheat your tandoori chicken, first preheat the oven at 180 degrees C for about 10 minutes, then wrap the chicken inside the foil and place it in the center rack of the oven.

Keep both upper and lower rods On and heat for 10 to 15 minutes. You can use the same temperature and settings for reheating other foods too.

5. How to use an OTG oven for baking biscuits?

How to use OTG oven for baking biscuits

Firstly, in a large mixing bowl take ½ cup unsalted butter and ¼ cup powdered sugar. Beat the sugar and butter well with the help of a hand mixer or whisk.

Further add 1 cup wheat flour, ½ tsp baking powder, ¼ tsp baking soda, and a pinch of salt. Additionally, add ¼ tsp cardamom powder or vanilla extract.

mix and crumble the ingredients well with a hand. Furthermore, add 3 tbsp milk and start to combine well. Do not knead, just combine to form a dough.

Also, make sure when the dough is cut, it has a crumbly texture. Now flatten and roll out slightly thick with the help of a rolling pin.

seal the edges with your hand if cracks form at the sides. Now with the help of a cookie cutter, cut into any desired shape.

Gather the remaining dough and make sure to prepare biscuits from it. Place the cut dough onto a tray lined with baking paper. Bake the biscuits in preheated OTG oven at 160 degrees celsius for 15 minutes or till the edges turn slightly golden.

Allow the biscuit to cool completely. biscuits will be soft when hot and turn crunchy when cooled. Finally, a wheat biscuit is ready to serve with chai or store in an airtight container for at least 2 weeks.

How to use some of OTG oven brands

how to use some of OTG oven brands

 How to use Koryo OTG oven.

The Koryo OTG Oven is small and affordable; it has a capacity of 10 liters Which means that you’ll only be able to cook small dishes.

It’s suitable for people who live alone or in a 2 – 3 person household. The advantage of a small oven like this is that it costs less and is more portable.

It’s a powerful oven that can cook all types of food. It has 2 High efficient quartz heating elements.

The timer is 60 minutes and is adjustable. The OTG oven comes fitted with 3 stage switch heating element. It is easy to clean because it has a non-stick cavity.

Also, it is equipped with a light indicator to let you know when the OTG oven is hot.

The body is stainless steel, which means it is durable. It comes with a see-through glass so you can keep an eye on your food. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

How to use Morphy Richards OTG oven.

Bring culinary convenience to your fingertips with the dandy Morphy Richards OTG Oven Toaster Grill (Silver/Black).

Featuring a stainless steel body this oven toaster griller has 1600W of power consumption.

It has a Motorized Rotisserie that gives you ease to handle.

It is Highly-productive and durable. It is controlled by Thermostatic Temperature Control Function which is great in demand in the markets.

The timer has a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 60 Minutes Bypass.

How to use MarQ OTG oven.

With MarQ 18L OTG you can bake, grill, and toast at home like an expert.

Bake world-class cakes, cookies, and other goodies in MarQ OTG that come with an advanced thermostat for uniform heating.

A convenient option to enhance your culinary skills at home.

Difference between OTG oven and convection microwave. 

difference between OTG oven and convection microwae

OTG oven – An Oven, Toaster, Grill (OTG) is essentially a smaller version of a traditional oven. It uses heated coils to cook meals and requires much less setting up.

The thermostat present in the OTGs helps in controlling the temperature which ensures the food is cooked or heated properly.

Convection Microwave- A convection microwave is more sophisticated than a normal microwave and has many additional features apart from reheating and boiling.

As its name suggests, it uses microwaves to cook your meals, which takes lesser time to heat or cook your food. You can bake delicious cakes and cookies without any hassle using a microwave oven.

The danger of OTG oven.

 OTG ovens can cause a short circuit when there are fluctuations in current. It also causes kidney problems that include urinating more or less than usual. It also causes stomach pains, gas, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or headaches.


The OTG oven is best if you have to use it only for baking, Grilling, or toasting purposes. It is convenient to use and uses less voltage than the other convection ovens.

The time-consuming process becomes easier and the food is cooked in less span of time. But the OTG oven also has some side effects like health hazards and electricity consumption is also more compared to other heating appliances.

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