How To Use Mixer Grinder Effectively For Daily Use

How To Use Mixer Grinder Effectively For Daily Use

A mixer grinder is a machine that helps us grind the food items that we need for our day-to-day cooking and consumption.

Unlike the older times, we need not use stone grinders and our strength to grind our food.

There are many different ways that the mixer grinder comes in handy. And that is the reason we all have a mixer grinder for our convenience and is an important machine in our kitchen.

As mixer grinders need a good amount of electricity to properly function, the power that is ideal for mixer grinders is 500 watts to 750 watts.

As wattage and the speed of the mixer grinder is an important factor, it is necessary to consider buying a mixer grinder that fits in proper wattage category.

How can a mixer grinder help us?

The mixer grinder serves as a multipurpose device in the kitchen, and with the well-designed jars for different tasks, the versatility of the mixer grinder increases even more than before.

Is it really easy to use and maintain the mixer grinder?

 It works on  just a plug and play technique. The mixer grinders of any type come with a plug-in pin that goes into an electric socket, then you have to switch the power on button of the switch.

If there is an indicator on the mixer, it showed a light that tells you that your grinder is ready for use.

If you need a grinder and juicer but you are using different appliances for it then the price of the appliances will increase and the same purpose will be served by two appliances.

However, if you use one single appliance for every mixing and grinding then you save time, space, and money as well.

How can we rely on the mixer grinder for necessary purposes?

People who follow different cultures have different food needs and as it is, they also use different types of items that need to be crushed.

Those who eat Chutneys and need grounded pastes in their day-to-day life should use a mixer grinder with good quality blades and high power.

The Most of the mixer grinder comes with a set of useful accessories that are designed for different purposes.

The main factors that are necessary before you buy a mixer grinder are:

  1. How much Wattage?: 

the wattage should be between 500 watts to 750 watts for better working.

2. What should be the Speed of blades?:

the speed of the blades that rotate per minute decides how fine the particles will be.


3.How many Jars should a mixer grinder have?: 

the jars should be more so you can use them according to the items you need to grind and it can be easier if 2 of more ingredients have to be ground differently.

4. How should be the quality of the Blades?:

the blades decide the fineness of your paste or the final product you get. You should take care that you get good quality blades with the machine.

5. Is Warranty an important factor? :

yes,the more the warranty, the better it will last. 

6. How much should be the Price of the product?:

This is an important factor because you don’t have to buy less for more money. You should get a valuable product for the price you pay. 7.

Do all the designs perform with equal power?:

all the mixer grinders are used for breaking food into very fine particles but the designs differ widely.

There are small compact mixers that are easy to carry around, some are huge with very vivid functions that carry out a lot of jobs that the small compact ones cannot perform.

In short, we should buy a mixer grinder that fits our needs perfectly.

As we all know that all the electrical appliances are fixed with different parts that are put together with the help of screws, we can fix the mixer grinder at home as well if there are no major complications or if it is in need of a change in damaged part.

The following are some common factors that can help repair a mixer grinder :

  1. For a leaking mixer grinder:

Leakage in a mixer grinder is the most common problem. Most of the time, the leakage is in the jars of the grinder and not in the system.

To avoid this, you need to see to it that the blade is properly fixed to the jar and there is no space between them.

There are rubber gaskets that help the blade and the jar fix at a place and if the gasket is out of order or worn out then it can be replaced at a repair shop.

There can be cracks or gaps that are present in the grinder that can cause leakage,  you can fix it by replacing the certain part with another.

2. For the buttons that are stuck to the grinder:

This is another common problem in a mixer grinder. This problem normally occurs when the solids and liquids in the jar are not mixed properly and are spilled out and the particles get stuck in the grinder.

If this occurs, you will have to take the pinout of the electric socket first the give the buttons and the grinder a nice clean-up, and take out all the particles that are stuck in the buttons.

You can use an old toothbrush for cleaning the buttons and the tricky parts where you cannot reach your hands to. 

3. About slow-moving blades:

If the blades in your mixer grinder jar are moving slowly then there are high chances that there is something that has got stuck in the space between the blade and the jar fixture. 

You can clean the space with a toothbrush or change the rubber chip if it has worn out.


Other issues: 

If the blades are not moving when you rotate the button then there are chances that the wiring is loose or in bad condition.

This can be replaced at the repair shop or if the mixer is in a warranty period then the wire can be replaced free of cost.

As we use the mixer grinder a lot of times and to save time, we use it as we please. But as it is a machine,  it needs to be taken care of.

For having the best use out of your mixer grinder, you need to clean it on daily basis with the help of cloth if you used dry ingredients or by water and soap if wet ingredients are used.

Keep it well maintained and serviced regularly.

If we use the mixer grinder in a proper way, it won’t need fixing or repairs for a long time.

You should look after the wear and tear of this appliance because it is the most commonly used electrical appliance at home and is used on a daily basis.

If it is cleaned and taken care of, it won’t let you spend any money afterward for repairs.


The mixer grinder is a very reliable machine that helps us save time in the kitchen. As it comes with numerous attachments, it is used almost every day to carry out work.

It is an essential and very important machine to use for women in their kitchens.

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