How to Use Induction Cooker For Beginner- Simple Ways

How to Use Induction Cooker

Nowadays, an Induction Cooker has become a necessity for every kitchen, as it takes 50% less time to cook than conventional cooking methods.

So many people intend to purchase an induction cooktop for their kitchen for its amazing efficiency.

Induction cookers are able to generate heat within the vessel and thereby they can prevent loss of heat and cook food faster conveniently.

There are several Induction Cookers available in the market that offer brand new features varying by different brands.

Before purchasing one, the first thing you need to know about, how to use an induction cooker?

How does an induction cooker work?

How does a induction cooker work?
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An Induction Cooker works in very few easy and simple methods. There is a copper coil that lies inside an induction cooker.

Whenever the induction power is turned on, an alternating current passes through the copper coil and it generates an oscillating electromagnetic field.

If any cookware with induction compatibility is kept on top of the induction to cook, the electrons pull into a formation by the currents conveniently.

To resist the formation, thus electrons act consistently. Thereby it generates friction or resistive electric current inside that cookware.

And that resistive electric current helps to produce a sufficient amount of heat to cook your daily food easily.

How to use an induction cooktop?

To use an Induction Cooker you must follow a few simple steps which are given below,

Step 1

Every Induction Cooker requires such type of cookware which will be ferromagnetic and magnetically conductive as well.

It may help to enhance the heat generated through induction and flow it all over the cookware instantly.

So firstly ensure that you keep the proper type of cookware while using an Induction cooker to cook.

Step 2

Turn on the induction cooker. Each product or model comes with different switches like regulating a knob or pressing a power button. So follow your user manual.

Step 3

Safely keep the cookware on to the induction cooker. Hence, induction will sense the ferromagnetic layer, thus cookware begins to get heated rapidly.

Step 4

Wait for some time until the food gets cooked properly. Although induction cookers are efficient enough to cook food faster, how much time it will take to cook a meal that depends on the food.

How to use aluminum utensils on an induction cooker?

An induction cooker mostly requires such cookware that is built with ferromagnetic material or something that is attracted by the magnet.

Many cookware doesn’t come with this feature such as Aluminum cookware. Therefore it can’t work on an induction cooker.

Each aluminum cookware must contain an iron coating in its base to cook on an induction cooker. to use induction cooker prestige?

You need to follow some steps to use a Prestige induction cooker. That includes,

  • First, you need to insert the plug into the socket.
  • Once you turn on the switch, you can hear a beep sound and a light appears on your induction display.
  • Then you have to press the power ON/OFF button, and the induction cooker starts instantly in the ‘Pressure Cook’ mode.
  • After that place the cookware in the middle of the glass panel.
  • Select the function button as per your cooking requirement.
  • You can also set a timer.
  • There are two individual heat control options available, either you can increase the temperature by pressing the (+) button or decrease it by pressing (-) button.
  • Whether you can hear any noise while using it, you have to slightly move the cookware so that it lies in the center of the glass panel. to use an induction cooker bajaj?

To use a Bajaj induction cooker you should follow these steps below,

  • First, turn the induction power unit on. This may also need to push a boost switch.
  • Place your induction cookware on the hob ring to use it.
  • Hold down the power button placed on your induction cooker.
  • Select the sensor which relates to the ring and start your cooking.
  • Control the temperature of your induction cooker by pressing the (+) and (–) sensors.
  • If your cooking is over and your meal is ready to eat, you can hold the hob and press down the power button again to turn off your induction cooker. to use Philips induction cooker?

To use a Philips induction cooker you need to know all the control panels very well.

Here you will get six preset cooking modes including Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Gravy, Stir Fry, Roti/Dosa, and Manual.


  • Press the ON/OFF button to turn the induction cooker on. It has two light indicators to show ON or OFF as well.
  • You can press your desired cooking mode option by pressing the mode selection option. It also has the corresponding indicator which will assure you that the induction is working on the chosen mode or not.
  • When your cooking is completed, press the ON/OFF button again to switch the induction off.
  • Wait for the fan to stop running then unplug it safely.

Precautions to maintain while using an induction cooker:

While using an induction cooker you should always keep in mind about such essential things, that includes,

  • Always keep your induction cooker on a flat surface along with well-ventilated surroundings. Never place this on any metal surface or near a fire and heat source.
  • Don’t put any heavy or large cookware on the induction cooker. Though the ceramic or glass body is quite tough to break, it can crack.
  • Please make sure that the cookware you are using to cook on your induction is flat-bottomed and smooth enough. Otherwise, it may scratch using uneven surfaces.
  • Try to Keep away such magnetic objects from the induction surface, including mobile phones, credit cards with magnetic strips, cutlery, and specific kitchen foils.
  • After cooking, always try to clean up spills of food promptly. Otherwise, due to the residual heat, it can attach wrongly with your induction and become more challenging to remove that later on.
  • Never apply abrasive cleaning materials like scourers. These may scratch your induction cooker.


By using an Induction cooker, you can make your daily meals quite faster.

It will consume a little electricity, so there will be no excess stress on your electric bills. Finally,

after reading the whole article thoroughly, you can understand How to use an induction cooker.

So, don’t delay and have an induction cooker to enjoy the excellent cooking benefits.

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