How To Use Convection Microwave Oven

If You want to know how to use a convection microwave Oven, first you should know what is exactly the Conventional microwave oven.

How to use convection microwave

At the time of world war II, Percy spencer first originated the modern technology of cooking source which Is known as Radarange and sold in 1946.

the latter technology which was introduced in 1967 and to which now we call microwave oven.

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what is Convection microwave oven?

A convection microwave oven is the combination of both Convection and microwave in the oven. What does that even mean to you?

Convection is the process of circulating warmer air in one place, Convection happens when particles with a lot of heat energy in a liquid or gas move and the take place of the particle without more heat energy.

Convection is occurred by the fan circulates the heated air inside the oven to process the food.

MIcrowave is the process of radiating the electromagnetic inside the Oven to process the food.MIcrowave is the energy that passes through the cells and molecules of the food to generate cooking food.

A convection microwave oven is the one which has good feature than the normal one because it not only just heat the food inside the oven but also to roasting and browning the food. And Convection microwave is the only oven that cooks outside of the food.

How to Use Convection Microwave Oven

How to use Convection microwave oven

You should also know “how does microwave oven work” before how to use it properly.

1. Place the convection microwave oven in the proper place

Always place the convection microwave oven on the dry surface and never put the oven near the gas or electric range like your stove.

You should keep the oven on a solid or wooden table that would be preferable.

2. Make sure about the roller ring or tray in a Convection microwave oven

Make sure about whether the roller ring is properly moving in the oven or any wrong utensils put them in the oven.

Any improper things entered in Oven can cause damage to the oven so the tray should fit the oven and you should have proper knowledge about it.

3. Precisely view the feature of convection microwave

Look at the number which is from 0-9 number where you can set all of your required input like reheating, preheating, timing, and defrosting.

Convention Microwave has its own set of features and manuals to provide information to users.

4.How to warm up food in the convection microwave oven

  • reheat the leftover which is not more than 1-4 days old
  • Cover the food layer with thick plastic paper or baking paper
  • warm the food in the oven for little time at an initial period
  • place the food differently in oven-like meats, vegetable and pizza separately as they are the different elements in each other

How to cook food in the Convection microwave oven

How to cook food in Convection microwave oven

1.How to Cook Fish

You can cook your fish with lemon, salt, and pepper by placing it on a ceramic plate in an oven.

Keep it for 1-5 minutes until it changes color on it.

Cooking timing depends on the size, thickness, and weight of the fillet.

2.How to Make popcorn

First, we need popcorns and in this, you can mix a bit of salt and

butter if you like for taste or you can also use it plain then we

need a microwave-safe bowl.

If you are mixing butter you need to preheat that butter

and then mix in this corn else you can just pour the corn

in the microwave and take the bowl microwave-safe bowl

and cover it and set the convection microwave for 4 minutes.

you can see that popcorns are popping up I have used that lid so that

the popcorns will come out and started in the microwave now

most of our pop cones have popped up.

Further, if you want to make more popcorn just use a bigger ball

because always use gloves to take out that lid and you can see nice crunchy popcorns

3.How to make pizza in convection microwave

When making or warming pizza in a convection microwave, cooking times will change depending upon what you’re doing.

You can utilize a convection microwave by hitting the stove setting or microwave setting.

In case you’re making handmade pizza, you’ll need to hit the oven setting, and in case you’re warming pizza, pick the microwave setting.

When preparing pizza, follow the layout for an ordinary oven pizza formula. Preheat your convection microwave and put the pizza on the oven rack.

Don’t try to utilize a cookie sheet or a pan to heat it. Generally, it should take around 15 to 20 minutes, or you can simply check it until you see that it’s brilliant brown colored.

If you want to reheat the pizza in the convection microwave oven, follow the same process as before.

Just warmth up your pizza for at any rate 30 seconds or up to a couple of moments. Simply verify when it’s completely warm.

Note that the pizza may come out a little chewy along these lines, which is the reason individuals want to utilize a toaster oven to warm up pizza

4.How to make grilled chicken in convection microwave

Chicken Full Leg (With Skin)

4 tbsp Red Chilies Powder

1 tbsp Black Pepper Powder

1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder

2 tbsp Lime Juice

6 clove Garlic (entire and squashed)

5 tbsp Oil


Stage 1: Marinade Chicken Leg for 2 Hrs

Make Grilled Chicken Masala by including the accompanying things together,

4 tbsp Red Chilies Powder

1 tbsp Black Pepper Powder

1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder

2 tbsp Lime Juice

5 tbsp Oil

Squashed Garlic


Apply the glue and marinate the Chicken Leg for in any event 2 hours.

Stage 2: Grill the Chicken Leg in Microwave Oven for 30 mins

Preheat oven to 250C, Brush a substantial heating plate with around 1 – 2 tablespoons oil, at that point present the Chicken Legs in a solitary layer.

Prepare for around 30 to 40 minutes, contingent upon the size of your Chicken Legs, turning a few times, or until cooked through.

How to maintain convection microwave oven

Cleanliness is the root of maintaining everything in the world and it’s the way we can remain the material for a long time.

1.Clean the convection microwave oven once per week

You can use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the convection microwave oven properly. You can also use baking soda to remove the little side of food in the microwave oven.

2. Remove the odor of cooking smell in the Oven

Now you can remove your cooking smell from your oven as it spreads some unhealthy in nature. So you have to put a mix of one lemon and a cup of water then use it to wipe out the all smells of the inside convection microwave oven.

3. Take your oven for repair if it perceives any defect in working

IF you see or observe any defect in working with Oven, you should immediately contact the service center if it has a manufacturer warranty.

Or else you can also contact the authorized person who knows very well how to solve the issue.

4. Do not cook soups or sauces in the oven

Never cook soups or sauces in the microwave oven because it may cause an explosion in the convection microwave oven.


I have described everything about how to use a Convection microwave oven for your home use.

And my last word every electronics product have their constructive and destructive use as like human life.

So, Use Convection Microwave as per the above guidelines and rules and make the maximum utility.

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