Gas geyser VS Electric Geyser India 2021

Do you plan to buy a new geyser and do not know how to choose the best geyser in India? But are you confused by the geyser types and geyser sizes available?

You’re not the only one, then, because there are other individuals like you who don’t know how to pick the best geyser in India.

Here we will compare the two most popular types of geysers on the basis of their features, their types, working, efficiency, performance, life span along with pros and cons.

Gas Geyser VS Electric Geyser

Which Is Better; Gas Geyser or Electric Geyser?

Deciding which is better between a gas geyser and an electric geyser is a challenge, especially if you are new to the world of geysers.

However, the best way to determine the better geyser between the two types of geysers is to look at the pros and cons of both to know the best option.

Gas geysers and electric geysers work differently, and both have advantages and disadvantages when heating water.

In addition, the safety, lifespan, cost, efficiency, performance of the two geysers, and their respective working methods must also be considered.

Gas geyser vs Electric geyser Comparison – 

Let’s look at the difference between the gas geyser and electric geyser –

FeaturesGas GeyserElectric Geyser
EfficiencyLess EfficientMore Efficient
TimeTake less time to reheat waterTake more time to reheat water
Safety It’s a bit risky. Not recommended for use in the homeVery safe. Rich recommendations
Easy to installNoYes
CostThe cost is lower, close to Rs. 0.45 for heating 6 liters of waterThe cost is high and is close to Rs. 0.80 heating 6 liters of water
SpaceYou need to leave more space for LPG cylinders and provide ventilation spaceWall-mounted, so it is very suitable for modern toilets
Environmental ImpactHigh. because hydrocarbons are burnt to release gasLow because the water is heated by electricity
DurabilityDue to heating as a working mechanism, it can only last for 6-8 yearsEasily endure more than 8 years


A gas geyser is basically a kind of geyser in which heat is obtained from liquefied petroleum gas. It Uses liquefied petroleum gas to heat the water, which enables the geyser to provide hot water immediately.

Features of Gas Geyser:

  • Energy consumption:

In terms of electricity consumption, the five-star geyser is at the forefront.

  • Warranty period:

When buying gas geysers, look for a longer warranty. Although most gas geysers have a 12-month warranty, many provide an 18-month warranty.

  • Longevity and repair/replacement:

Choose products with longer service life and replaceable spare parts.

  • Size and requirements:

Depending on the size of your family, you should also relax the size of the geyser.

  • Geyser installation:

Make sure you hire professionals to complete the installation process.

  • Brand:

When buying a gas geyser, a trusted brand for years is always the first preference.

  • Open space for installation:

The geyser requires a larger space to install because it needs a proper ventilation area to discharge gas.

Types of gas geysers:

●   Instant geyser or tankless geyser:

Those who do not need to use large amounts of water immediately. In India, most gas geyser manufacturers only provide instant gas geysers.

●   Storage Geyser (not available in India):

Those who need a lot of hot water, such as taking a bath in a bathtub. These types of gas geysers are rare in India.

How does a Gas Geyser work?

The gas geyser is equipped with a heat exchange system that can instantly change the water temperature. When the cold water tap is turned on, water flows into the geyser.

The flow sensor in the heater ignites the gas burner present in the heat exchanger. Gradually, cold water flows through the exchanger in a serpentine shape while absorbing maximum heat to flow out hot water of the desired temperature.

How safe are Gas Geysers?

We do not recommend using gas geysers considering the major safety risks. If you are still considering installing gas geysers, the following guidelines should be followed:

●   The gas geyser should be kept at a height where the pilot flame can be easily seen.

●   Make sure not to leave the gas geyser for a long time.

●   Check whether the connecting pipe is clean and leak-proof.

●   Do not place it in explosive, corrosive, or inflammable places, or even near electric wires.

●   Do not install it in a confined area, such as a bathroom.

●   A sufficient ventilation area is very suitable for installing a gas geyser.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can function with both LPG and PNG
  • Easy temperature control
  • Fast heating rate than electric geysers
  • No electricity is required to operate a gas geyser
  • Economical and eco-friendly
  • Difficult installation
  • Short life span
  • Unsafe as compared to electric geysers


The recovery rate of a gas geyser is very high-this means that once the water is heated, it can be heated again in a very short time.

Records show that gas geysers can heat 25 gallons of water in 30 minutes! You can buy gas geysers with your eyes closed!

Energy efficiency:

With the regular rise in electricity bills and other conventional ways of heating water, there has been a great demand for gas geysers in recent years. This is because gas geysers are the most energy-efficient geysers.


They are very durable and can be easily used for at least 3 years or more, depending on how you use and maintain it.

Electric Geyser

Just because of the convenience provided by electric geysers, they have become very common. For electric geysers, copper coils are used to convert electricity into heat.

Many changes have been made to this type of geyser, but the basic principles are similar.

Features of electric geyser:

●   Energy consumption:

When choosing an electric geyser, always choose a 5-star rated geyser because it consumes less electricity and loses less heat.

●   Warranty period:

Like any other household appliance, the warranty of the electric geyser is also very important. During the warranty period, if the product fails to work normally, you can replace or repair it for free without paying.

●   Longevity and repair/replacement:

Buy an electric geyser with longer life and parts of which are easy to obtain and replace.

●   Size and requirements:

This factor depends on the usage, the number of people in the house, the purpose, and other factors.

●   Geyser installation:

The installation process is easy.

●   Automatic Shut Off Feature:

The auto-cut feature of the geyser can save energy by automatically turning off the equipment after heating.

●   Safety valve:

The safety valve is designed to automatically release the pressure and discharge water when the pressure exceeds the preset limit.

●   Brand:

A good brand will provide you with a long-term warranty, truly unique and useful features, and excellent customer service.

Types of Electric Geysers

●   Electric instant geyser:

They are the perfect solution because they do not have any storage or water tank, so there is no chance to heat additional water or waste hot water.

●   Electrical storage geyser:

It provides convenience because it does not interrupt the bathing process, get all the water before the bath.

How does an electric geyser work?

The working principle of electric geysers is actually very simple-electric energy is converted into heat by heating elements to increase the temperature.

Safety Precautions to follow with using the electric geyser:

●   Do not use the electric geyser with a copper tank with a high water supply pump.

●   Make sure that the electric heater you buy has an automatic cut-off function to prevent the heater from exceeding 60°.

●   Do not use other electrical equipment around the geyser when it is running.

●   Don’t let the geyser run for a long time.

  • Very popular among Indian homes. Ideal for both residence and commercial use.
  • It heats the water more quickly than others.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Less expensive and has a longer lifespan.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Comparatively smaller size than gas and solar.
  • Operation cost is higher than other hot water alternatives.
  • On power failure, it will not give you hot water.


If you invest a ton of energy hanging tight for your shower water to warm up then with an electric geyser, this cycle will take significantly additional time than with a gas geyser.

This is on the grounds that the gas-burning cycle produces heat all the more quickly (some of the time even twice as quickly) as electric heating.

Energy efficiency:

The most ideal approach to think about the efficiencies of different water geysers is to take a look at their individual energy factors (EF).

This number assesses how viable a water radiator is at creating high temp water, estimating how much fuel or power is needed to warm your water.

With the EF numbers close by, contrasting the effectiveness of each sort of water radiator is very basic: higher proficiency warmers will have higher EF numbers.


It accompanies a 3 mm covering present on the internal tank which is made utilizing an anti-corrosion innovation and subsequently it is very safe towards the rust and in this manner expands the life expectancy of the item up to 5 to 7 years.


All in all, these water radiators are very protected to use as long as you follow fundamental wellbeing insurances. Certain things that you should deal with are:

·        Never introduce it in a shut space (like a restroom). Ensure that there is acceptable ventilation.

·        Try not to keep it near inflammable, explosives, or corrosives. Likewise, maintain a strategic distance from any electric wiring near the water radiator.

·        Ensure that associated pipes are airtight, anti-corrosive, and clean.

·        Keep it at tallness at which you can without much of a stretch see the pilot fire.

·        Never leave the gas water geyser on (or the tap on) for a long time.

Specific Buying Tips:

·        Most importantly, BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards has explicit security and execution principles for gas water heaters. So always purchase a gas water geyser with an ISI mark. 

·        You should ensure that you have space to introduce the water warmer. As referenced above ensure that you have space with great ventilation.

·        Some great brands according to Consumer Voice Report (interface) are Kenstar, Crompton Greaves, Marc,  Usha, Inalsa, and Bajaj.

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Gas geyser VS Electric Geyser – Conclusion:

Picking up the smallest conceivable water geyser is the most ideal approach to limit your power utilization and furthermore costs.

Anyway, more modest water warmers may not give you an adequate measure of heated water at the ideal time and long term.

On the off chance that you have an alternative to introduce a gas water warmer, at that point that is the best to spare both energy and expenses.

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