7 Best Gaming Cabinet Under 5000 India 2021

Best Gaming Cabinets Under 5000

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 5000

Interested in buying one of the best gaming cabinets under 5000? Today we help you choose the best. Maybe you think that buying a cabinet for your PC seems like a simple task, but nothing further from reality. 

When you put your hands on your choice and visit a store, you will find such a number of brands, models, and chassis designs that surely do not know where to start looking.

There are so many colors, formats, features that surely raise more than one, not to say, and the fact of stopping to see their technical characteristics and which is the one that suits us.

For this reason, we have thought that the best thing is to make your work to show you in this guide which is the best gaming cabinet under 5000.

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 5000Review 

1. Ant Esports ICE-511MT Mid Tower Mesh Gaming Cabinet

The first best gaming cabinet under 5000 in this list is from Ant esports Store. This contains a Mesh Front Panel which allows efficient airflow and keeps the system cool.

The Sliding Tempered Glass Panel maximizes system lights and gives your room a complete professional look. 

You need not worry about its thermal performance as the optimized airflow provides great ventilation for the system. You will find a total of 5 fans in the system.

You can also mount an extra SSD in it for increasing storage capacity. Overall it’s a great cabinet and provides quality storage for your pc at an affordable price.

  • Affordable
  • 5 Fans
  • Optimized Ventilation
  • Extra SSD support
  • Very Congested

2. DEEPCOOL MACUBE 110 Pink Micro ATX Computer Case

This cabinet from DeepCool is one of the most glamorous-looking cabinets on this list. It comes in Pink color in a Micro ATX size.

You get a whopping 4 extension slots which are enough for future upgrades. This cabinet can handle up to 6 cooling fans at once. 

The clean and compact look of this cabinet will attract many potential buyers who are looking for a great product that will look good in their rooms.

  • 6 Cooling Fans Space
  • 4 Extension Slots
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Slightly Small

3. Antec NX410 Mid Tower Black Gaming Cabinet

The next best gaming cabinet under 5000 in this list is from Antec Brand. It comes in black color with a tempered glass slide panel. You get to see the power and LED control button in the front part of this cabinet. 

Graphic Cards up to 335m in length are supported by it. CPU cooler support is up to 168m and PSU support is up to 165m. This makes it a very versatile and compatible gaming cabinet in the market.

  • Tempered Glass Panel
  • Good Versatility
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Little Heavy

4. Chiptronex GX3000 RGB Cabinet Computer case 

This Chiptronex Cabinet comes in a black color RGB control switch for controlling RGB. The tempered glass side panel gives it a great look and it will surely be the center of attraction once installed in your room. 

You get great connectivity in terms of USB 3.0 USB 2.0 and various others. You also get a slot for two SSD bays. It can be cleaned very easily due to the Magnetic dust filters which are at the top of the panel.

  • Easy to Install
  • 2 SSD Bays
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Good Connectivity
  • Slightly Heavy

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5. MSI MAG FORGE Gaming PC Case 

This cabinet from MSI is made from premium 4mm thick tempered glass which gives it a classy look and sturdy design. This also has great connectivity options.

You get this in mostly Black color and the lights increase its charm double folds. 

The body built is very ergonomic and it is not that heavy as it seems from a distance. The blackish curves when lit will give your room a whole classy look.

  • Great Design
  • Affordable
  • Good Connectivity
  • Thick Tempered Glass
  • No USB slot in Front Panel

6. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Ragnar Premium Gaming Chassis

Zebronics is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the market. And this best gaming cabinet under 5000 doesn’t disappoint us at all. You get to see a front panel RGB strip and tempered glass side panel. 

It comes with a top magnetic dust filter which makes maintaining it very easy. The expansion slot which you get is 7 / USB 2 x USB, 1 x USB3.0. HD audio is supported by it.

There is enough space for managing cables in it. This cabinet will fulfill your demands at a very affordable price.

  • Great Build
  • Affordable
  • Good Connectivity
  • Magnetic Dust Filter
  • No Extra Fans can be Installed

7. Ant Esports ICE-130AG Mid Tower Computer Case

The last best gaming cabinet under 5000 is also from Ant Esports Store. This cabinet has a 120mm silent fan and operates from 0 – 40 C temperatures which are quite normal. The design is decent like the other cabinets from the brand. 

You will get good connectivity and thermal control in the panel. It has 2 SSD slots and 7 PSI slots. This is a great cabinet for a gaming nerd.

  • Good Thermal Control
  • 2 SSD Slots
  • 7 PSI Slots
  • Lightweight
  • Little Small

How to Choose the Best Gaming Cabinet Under 5000? Buying Guide 

This short guide with tips will help you in the difficult task of choosing a perfect cabinet for your needs and above all that offers indispensable resources for your day today.


If you have already survived with a noisy cabinet with pieces embedded with each other, you will know how annoying this is and the harmful it can be for the user.

And even more, the badly designed cabinets which allow internal components to be flush up, end up generating more heat which harms the performance of your components and can damage them.

Ease of Maintenance

Good PC cabinets are designed to facilitate their own maintenance. The models that are well designed have ample interior space which facilitates the process of exchange of cards and peripherals rapidly.

The filters are key for more efficient maintenance. Since by removing them and cleaning them, we can keep an interior space free of dust.

Connection Options

Each cabinet has a specific amount of entries, such as USB ports, ESATA, or HDMI connectors as well as specific inputs for headphones, microphones, game controllers, and other peripherals.

The amount, disposition, and variety of these entries vary significantly from equipment to equipment. Before acquiring the best gaming cabinet under 5000, check if you have the entries you use.

The front panel of a good cabinet must offer much more than the buttons to turn on and restart the machine. You must be attentive to this little great detail and choose a cabinet that offers audio connections, USB 3.0, USB Type C, and also a memory card reader if it is pertinent to your need.

In addition, some cabinets bring controllers for the integrated fans in the front panel, this is very useful to have better ventilation or total silence when it is necessary.


You must take into account the base plaques compatible with the cabinet, especially if you are going to buy a thin cabinet.

Also, note the number of expansion slots if you are going to install more than one video card, and be careful with the maximum size of the video card as the box supports if you intend to install a good quality plate.


The cabinets are generally constructed with steel, plastic, and crystal, but the secret of good cabinets is in the thickness of the steel plates used in their construction.

You have to choose preferably the cabinets made of a material called SECC with a thickness of at least 0.6 mm since this ensures that it is hard enough to withstand handling without suffering damage. 

System Free of Tools

This is the name that is given to a set of screws, couplings, and adapters that allow the assembly of the equipment without the use of tools.

This type of resource is very useful as it facilitates the maintenance of the machine in the future and no type of tool is necessary to install a new SSD or even open your computer to make a routine cleaning.

Location of the Source

Currently, the vast majority of the cabinets allow the installation of the power supply at the bottom, this provides better cooling not only from the source but the system as a whole.

Therefore, do not buy cabinets that have the space for the installation of the power supply at the top.

Dust Filters

The filters are essential both where the power supply will be installed in the rest of the fans that are going to take care of the indoor air.

These filters will prevent the entry of dirt and even insects within our cabinet thus avoiding that the components are damaged by accumulated dirt.

These filters must be removable to facilitate maintenance and preferably should not be adjusted with screws.

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 5000 – Conclusion

Now you may have got great clarity about choosing the best gaming cabinet under 5000. Be highly optimistic and choose the best and perfect gaming cabinet according to your requirements.

7 Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000 India 2021

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000

If you are one of the gamers making your own best gaming computer or if you are looking to upgrade your computer you should need the Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000.

With hundreds of online gaming cabinets, it can be hard to find the best gaming cabinet for your computer.

we wouldn’t recommend buying an expensive gaming case for your computer because you’ve definitely spent your money on a powerful CPU and GPU.

We take a look at all the major factors in choosing the best gaming cabinet under 3000 in India. So what are you waiting for?

Here is a list of the 7 best cabinets for games under 3000 in India in 2021.

7 Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000 Review 

1. Ant Esports ICE-130AG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000

The Ant Esports ICE-200TG tops the list of the 5 best CPU cases under 3000 and if you are looking for an RGB CPU case that supports ATX and with tempered glass with Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX.

All of this together makes it ideal for gaming.

Key Features –

  • Comes with support for ATX/ mATX
  • LED double ring fans at the front and the back.
  • Optimized design for airflow.
  • It has got 3 USB Support ports.
  • Also supports Liquid cooling.
  • Protected with tempered glass.
  • Solid and multicolor lightning.
  • Decent look.
  • The cable management system is good.
  • Not feature loaded.

2. Zebronics Zeb-Demeter Premium Gaming Chassis with Transparent Side Panel

Zebronix is relatively lightweight in comparison to others on the list. This is a game cabinet that comes with a mid-tower. The side walls are also made of glass.

After a while, you will get scratches. It’s also a pretty good cable management system and the RGB colors give it a nice look.

Key Features –

  • Can Supports almost every graphic card.
  • Good quality and trusted brand.
  • Pretty RGB colors give awesome look.
  • Comes with 2 cooling fans
  • Good cable management
  • Light-sheet metal.
  • Transparent Side Panel
  • Light-weighted.
  • It does not support a Water cooling system.

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3. Deepcool MATRIXX 30 Mini Tower

Deepcool is a new brand in the market and is known for bringing up new things a lot, just like they came out with this new gaming case.

The best part is that it is also available at a very low price. It has a USB 3.0 port with an internal connection. 

Key Features –

  • Strong and sturdy metal.
  • Supports many additional HDDs.
  • The mesh front offers potentially great airflow.
  • Can handle many GPUs
  • Liquid Cooler Support.
  • Classic look
  • Great cable routing options.
  • Best at this price range.
  • No cons

4. Antec NX130 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet Rear Fan Preinstalled

This is a new cabinet launched by Antec. It is also an entry-level intermediate tower cabinet. The whole is designed and developed with the gaming aspect in mind with the contours and holes at the front.

The downside to discussing this here is that there are plastic doors that are not very good. Easy to scratch and complicate the look. 

Key Features –

  • Supports up to a max of 4 fans.
  • Best for intermediate gamers.
  • 1 preinstalled fan for cooling.
  • 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • 4 hard disk or SSD slots.
  • Enough space for a long graphics card.
  • Equipped with 7 PCI-E slots.
  • Plastic doors that are not very good.

5. Aerocool Bolt RGB PC Gaming Case 

The Aerocool Bolt is also a great gaming cabinet with RGB lighting and 1 rear fan pre-installed. It has transparent ABS side panels, a ventilated power supply compartment, a 7x PCI-E expansion slot, and multiple disk compartments.

It has a nice RGB strip on the front, a power supply box, and transparent side panels.

Key Features –

  • Easy-to-reach LED control buttons provide access to 13 pre-programmed lighting modes.
  • The interior of your platform will be visible thanks to the complete translucent side panels.
  • The front panel made of carbon fiber has a sleek appearance.
  • Better ventilation thanks to a two-chamber system.
  • RGB LEDs in a stylish style on the front.
  • Good cable management system.
  • There are premium Colors.
  • There are options for both solid and multi-colored lighting.
  • There are glass panels that are not fragile because they have a tempered glass guard.
  • No heat sink is normally required in a PSU unit.


Chiptronex is equipped with a mid-tower PC case that also supports ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. Best of all, it also features a transparent computer cabinet which, with some fine configuration, can be used to flaunt your system.

Key Features –

  • There are also acrylic side windows.
  • It has a black internal housing with a power supply lock.
  • It supports CPU coolers up to 170 mm.
  • There is a dust filter that removes dust.
  • Good gaming graphics card.
  • Here too, the side walls are transparent.
  • It has a built-in dust filter.
  • Performance is not that high

7. Zebronics Zeb-Cronus Premium Gaming Cabinet with Mirror Finish Tempered Glass

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000

Zebronics is a premium gaming case with ATX / mATX support which costs under the 3K rupee price range. Ultra-smooth housing on the front and tempered glass on the front and have sidewalls with a top-mounted power supply unit.

On the front and back of the case, there is a 4 x 120 mm fan with dual Rainbow LED rings. It gives you the best atmosphere for games with optimized airflow.

AIO cooler can be installed on the chassis. The driver supports a 3.5-inch hard drive and two 2.5 inch SSDs. There are seven expansion slots, each offering USB 3.0 and a USB port.

Key Features –

  • The best for gamers.
  • Good quality and trusted brand.
  • Best cooling because there are 5 fans in it
  • The top is very easy to remove.
  • The LED lighting is solid and has rainbow colors.
  • Installation restrictions.
  • It gets scratches easily.

Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000 – Conclusion

After reading this article you must have got the Best Gaming Cabinet Under 3000 Rs. If you have any questions or suggestions for us regarding this post on the topic “7 best gaming cabinets under 3000 in India in 2021”, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Top 9 Best Home Theatre Under 5000 India 2021

Best Home Theater Under 5000

No money and time are more precious than spending quality time with family. After a long hectic day coming back home from work, we all wish to sit with our family together to release our long day stress.

Most people enjoy watching movies together at home on a big screen and enjoy this precious time. While watching movies, shows on the big screen.

All you need is a tub of popcorn, a home theatre speaker system to get good quality audio, and a cinematic feel.

Home theatre is a combination of various electronic devices which includes a big size TV projector, several multimedia speakers, receivers, and many other devices.

You can customize it according to an individual’s preference. To get a similar movie theatre speaker system feel at your home you need to select  – a good quality sound system is important to get an amazing experience.

Now it’s high time to build your dream theatre at home by choosing the best home theater under 5000.

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Top 9 Best Home Theater Under 5000

To make you stress relief and consume your time, here we have shortlisted the top 9 best home theatres under 5000 which are super budget-friendly.

 1. Philips SPA8140B/94 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Philips is one of the most trusted electronic companies which gives an amazing variety of devices. Philips channel multimedia speaker system has impressive high-tech speaker quality with Bluetooth enabled in it.

This is a multipurpose speaker through which you can listen to a variety of songs, can use in gaming, watch movies, etc.

Key Specifications:

  • Supports Bluetooth 
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled Devices such as Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, TV
  • Remote Control Feature
  • FM Tuner
  • 40W RMS output power
  • The dimension of the speaker is 35.7 x 23.7 x 54.7 cm and weight is 6 kg 700 g
  • Budget-friendly with 6 speakers
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • USB supported
  • Remote should have bass and treble control
  • Bluetooth connection is low sometimes

2. Philips Dhoom MMS2580B/94 Home Theatre System 

Philips Doom’s home theatre system is one of the top-selling sound systems with excellent bass technology to get impressive high audio quality.

It can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices, USB; memory card SLOT, and multimedia files can also be transferred. Having a portable size is suited. 

Every individual can enjoy playing their favorite MP3 track like audiobooks, podcasts, and songs by connecting Bluetooth or USB to a phone from short distances.

Key Specifications:

  • These speakers have a 20W sound output, which is very suitable for playing music, games, movies, and online videos on MAC and PC
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Support AUX and USB
  • Has Memory Card Slot
  • FM tuner, let you enjoy radio entertainment
  • The dimension of the speaker is 21 x 31.2 x 39 cm and weight is 2.55 Kilograms
  • These speakers are budget-friendly
  • Crisp clear sound with a set of 3 speakers
  • 5 K quality speakers with a remote-controlled feature
  • Inbuilt FM system and latest Bluetooth version
  • Bluetooth connection is low sometimes

3. Philips MMS2625B 2.1 CH Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers

Philips Bluetooth multimedia speakers are the best wireless Bluetooth speakers having impressive sound quality and are perfect to get a cinematic experience at home with your loved ones.

You can play EDMs, podcasts, audiobooks, or music of any genre while hosting small parties at home; enjoy these small moments to make beautiful memories.

It is perfect for playing MP3, PC, and TV audio. The best feature about the speaker is that it reduces unwanted noise in the background and improves the audio quality.

It also comes with an excellent magnetic shield that prevents the audio interference of signals with the sound output.

Key Specifications:

  • Very suitable for MP3, PC, TV, etc. 
  • Enjoy music from multiple sources 
  • FM tuner, let you enjoy radio entertainment
  • 32 W RMS total output power 
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth Auxiliary input can be easily connected to almost any electronic device
  • Great built-up quality
  • The most important thing that sound doesn’t distort at a high volume
  • Treble is very much balanced with a crisp and clear sound
  • Comes with a remote controller
  • Inbuilt FM system and latest Bluetooth version
  • Decent according to its price range
  • Bad quality remote
  • Bluetooth connection is low sometimes

4.    Philips SPA4040B/94 Multimedia Speakers System 

Philips multimedia speakers in black color are most attractive looking. Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

It’s a complete entertainment music system with boosting bass, high-quality audio modulation, the sound is so clear and crisp which will make your heart and mind peaceful.

These speakers can be attached to a TV, PC, MAC, playing online games and if you are a dance lover these speakers are the perfect option for you.

These speakers will never disappoint you and make you stressed. Not only dance music but it is good to hear podcasts, audiobooks, spiritual meditation music which is good for a family.

Key Specifications:

  • USB and SD card slot can play photos and music 
  • FM tuner, let you enjoy radio entertainment 
  • Very suitable for MP3, PC, TV, CD, etc. 
  • Bass enhancement technology with level control
  • Bluetooth-Enabled
  • 5.1 surround sound-an immersive sound experience
  • The dimension of the speaker is 40 x 33.2 x 30 cm; 6.12 Kilograms
  • These speakers are budget-friendly
  • Having an excellent quality of loud audio
  • Crisp clear sound with a set of 3 speakers
  • Speakers with a remote-controlled feature
  • Inbuilt FM system and latest Bluetooth version
  • Best bass boosting
  • Speakers are not wireless
  • Bluetooth connection is low sometimes

5. TRONICA Version: 1 Atom Series LED Spectrum 5.1 Home Theatre System

This TRONICA home theatre System is super affordable and designed beautifully to attract everyone.

It’s a set of 6 speakers which have such powerful bass, crystal audio quality, and have magnetic shielding which is very safe to use near television and PC.

Music defines your emotions, your feelings, and for that, these speakers are a great choice as they are Bluetooth, USB, multimedia SLOT, aux, Pendrive enabled. You will never know how time will fly while hearing songs.

Key Specifications:

  • Bluetooth connection can provide a wider experience, you can connect with most Bluetooth devices to play wireless music.
  • 5.1 surround sound system, 5 watts per channel, 20 watts for subwoofer/receiver, 45 watts in total!
  • Connect any AUX device through the 3.5mm jack on the front of the audio input port on the back
  • Use a USB thumb drive and SD card slot to access other ports of the media
  • Listen to your favorite FM channel. Antenna leads can also provide better FM reception.
  • The product dimensions are 39.6 x 34.4 x 16.2 cm; 4.8 Grams
  • These speakers are budget-friendly
  • Inbuilt FM system and latest Bluetooth version
  • Crisp clear sound with a set of 6 speakers
  • Have the excellent quality of audio and volume
  • Setup looks stylish
  • Not having good quality bass
  • Bluetooth connection is low sometimes

6. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

Philips is one of the most trusted electronic brands and Philips Channel Multimedia Speakers are one of the most known trusted products which are very trendy these days.

These speakers are specially made for small parties which are organized at home, café, restaurants also for gamers.

It comes with a remote and is a Bluetooth-enabled device that gives exceptional, brilliant sound quality. These speakers can be attached with PC, television, USB, and multimedia SD card slots.

Key Specifications:

  • AUX, USB, and FM playback, and can also be played from DVD, TV, or mobile devices
  • 60W output power
  • Bass-reflex design with 5.25-inch woofer and 3-inch full-range speaker
  • Supports Wireless Bluetooth Streaming 
  • The dimensions of the product are 40.6 x 24 x 46.5 cm; 6.58 Kilograms
  • Best for partying and enjoying
  • Easily movable
  • Crisp clear sound
  • Looks stylish
  • Inbuilt FM system and latest wireless Bluetooth version streaming
  • Highly rated by existing customers
  • Remote lacks sometimes
  • Bluetooth connection is low sometimes
  • Bass control is not given in remote, so it gets too high

7. TRONICA Version: 2 Atom Series LED Spectrum 5.1 Home Theatre System

If you want good quality audio, attractive stylish speakers, rich bass, Bluetooth enabled device, set of 6 speakers with remote all such qualities under a very reasonable price, then this is TRONICA Version: 2 home theatre system speakers are the best option.

Best materials are used to design this product. It will be a perfect addition to any home theatre. This can be used for gaming, listening to different genres of music, podcasts,  etc.

Key Specifications:

  • Use the USB thumb drive slot to access other ports of the media. 
  • Connect any AUX source via the audio input port on the back, such as PC/laptop/mobile device/iPad/iPod 
  • Bluetooth connection can provide a more universal experience, you can connect with all Bluetooth devices to play wireless music. 
  • Listen to your favorite FM channel. Antenna leads can also provide better FM reception. 
  • 5.1 surround sound system, 5 watts per channel, 20 watts for subwoofer/receiver, 45 watts in total!
  • The product dimensr=ions are 37.6 x 34.2 x 16.2 cm; 4.99 Kilograms
  • Budget-friendly
  • Inbuilt FM system and latest Bluetooth version
  • Crisp clear sound with a set of 6 speakers
  • Setup looks stylish
  • Looks stylish
  • Audio quality is not so good
  • Sometimes Bluetooth gets disconnected

8.   FD A510 2.1 Multimedia Home Theatre Speaker

If you need a basic, portable speaker then this Multimedia Home Theatre Speaker will be your perfect companion.

It has a superior sound quality and all the specific features which can be connected to a computer, television, and laptop.

With a glossy finish on its outer surface, it looks more attractive. It can be used at home, a hostel for daily purposes.

Key Specifications:

  • 5000W PMPO 
  • 4-inch full-range driver for satellites and powerful 6.5 basic driver for subwoofer speakers 
  • Connect them to MP3 player, PC, TV or CD/DVD player
  • Output power (RMS): 52W 
  • Volume and bass rotation control 
  • Product dimensions are 29.6 x 29.6 x 39.4 cm; 4.2 kg
  • Portable device
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Looks stylish
  • Low sound quality

9. Zebronics BT2490RUCF 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker 

Ebonics Channel Multimedia Speaker is available in black color and it is one of the best multimedia speakers which have good aesthetics, it includes all the latest features in it like USB /SD card slots, it is a budget-friendly device.

Key Specifications:

  • Multiple connection options, such as Bluetooth, SD card, USB and AUX support 
  • LED display indicates the operation of the sound system 
  • Built-in radio, allowing you to easily access your favorite radio stations 
  • Remote control function 
  • Product size is 18.8 x 32.2 x 38.5 cm; 3.55 kg
  • Bold design
  • Very budget-friendly
  • Looks stylish and attractive
  • Bluetooth not supported

Buying Guide

If you are a movie lover then you need proper audio and accurate dialogue delivery with good sound effects to get a perfect feel of the movie and normal speakers don’t give such features as expected.

Whereas, if you love music and dance you cannot compromise with bass, treble effects for this you need proper stylish best quality home theatre.

While looking at so many options people usually get confused about what to buy? How to buy?

So here is a buying guide for a home theatre system that should include connectivity options, be Budget-friendly, quality, and some general features which will resolve your confusion and help you to select appropriate speakers for you.

1.Connectivity option-

While buying new speakers you should take care of connectivity. Make sure your device Is old or new and the speakers you are buying will support your device or not?

Because a lot of times it happens you have the old device and you buy new speakers which don’t support your device later that make you sad. Be careful.

2. Budget-friendly-

Money is the primary and most important factor, not only while buying home speakers but buying any product makes sure you are buying it looking at your pocket.

Before buying speakers, set your budget, and now try to shortlist speakers which have all the specifications according to your preference. It will help you.

3. Quality check-

Always selects speakers by analyzing the previous review given by buyers, selecting speakers of reputed brands. Check the speaker’s audio, sound bass quality, wirings, and warranty before buying it.

4. General features –

  • It is important to ensure beforehand how much power consuming your speakers are.
  • Keys of remote should be checked
  • Remote connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity are most important. Check before you buy any speaker
  • Local Radio channels or FM should be enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a Home theatre speaker?

Most people of this age are music dance lovers. They need loud music as they are party lovers.

Some are addicted to games and actions so they want proper sound effects. So to satisfy an individual’s need Home theatre system is developed.

How should I maintain my Home theatre system so that it lasts longer?

Few key points to maintaining your HT system are-
1.    Connect speaker wires properly to avoid stress.
2.    Keep it clean
3.    Don’t let dust stay on it.
4.    Keep it in the box or keep it covered when not in use.
5.    Keep it updated to last longer.

Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better?

Unfortunately, the short answer is “it depends.” Whether it applies to a 5.1 or 7.1 system depends on many different variables.
Some depend on the room you set up, some depend on personal preference.

Do you really need 7.1 surround sound?

The 7.1 sound system is suitable for larger rooms and can increase the depth of sound. At the same time, they are more expensive and more difficult to set up and troubleshoot.

Hope this article helps you in the decision-making process!

5 Best Home Theater Under 15000-Unbiased Review

Best home theater under 15000

If you are looking for a home theatre that offers you the right facility keeping in mind your pocket budget. This article of Best home theatre under 15000 will definitely be helpful for you.

There is nothing wrong with saying that today is the time for music. Music is beneficial not only for entertainment but in many ways.

Similarly, if you are also a music fanatic and looking for a Best Home Theatre that will be very helpful to you in the world of your music and provide you with a different level of the facility then you are landed at the right place.

Our Top-Rated 5 Picks For The Best Home Theater Under 15000 In India- 2020

Here we are going to discuss the 5 top-rated best home theaters under 15000 in India. The information shown here is based on the research, deep analysis of the product, and customers feedback.

So you don’t need to worry about the quality and performances of this all product which is mention below.

1)Impex 5.1 HT-5105 125 W Multimedia Tall boy Home Theater System

Best home theatre under 15000

Main Features :

  1. High and Ultra Sound Quality
  2. Includes FM/SD/AUX/USB/BT and Remote Function
  3. Very Attractive And Classical Design
  4. Included with Stage Speakers, Trolley Speakers, Tall boy and Tower Speakers
  5. Speakers are Compatible with Multiple Digital Device

Impex 5.1 HT-5105 125 W Multimedia Tall-boy Home Theater System is for those people who are very fond of music and really have an addiction to listen to the songs on their high-quality sound system.

With this Impex 5.1 HT-5105 125 W Multimedia Tall-boy Home Theater System you can get versatile speakers like stage speakers, trolley speakers, tallboy, and tower speakers.

The home theatre system comes with the FM/SD/AUX/USB/BT and Remote function. Classical look and Ultra level sound system are the best features of this Impex 5.1 HT-5105 Multimedia home theatre system.

You can simply connect your mobile phone, laptop, and another device via blue-tooth with this theatre system and enjoy the Music.

In the Market, there is no other theatre system that can compete with this Impex 5.1 HT-5105 Multimedia home theatre system because of the high-quality ultra-level sound system and its attractive look.

  • High and Ultra Sound Quality
  • Easily Connect With Bluetooth
  • Fully Function at Remote Control
  • Attractive Look
  • Good Customer Feedback
  • Theatre System is not wireless

2)Jack Martin Cinema Bluetooth / SD / USB 3.1 Home Theatre Speaker System with Built-in FM Radio

Main Features :

  1. Superior And High Quality Sound System
  2. Equipped With advanced technology
  3. Beautifully Designed System
  4. Bluetooth/ SD / FM / USB Features Available
  5. Easy To Control With Remote

Jack Martin Cinema Bluetooth / SD / USB 3.1 Home Theatre Speaker System is one of the best home theatres in India under 15000.

This is especially for those who are highly addicted to listening to the song with a high-quality ultrasound system. If you are still confused about its superior features let’s check about it.

The attractive and sleek appearance of this sound system will enhance the beauty of the place where you have kept it.

Especially for those who are more interested in gaming, this Jack Martin Cinema Bluetooth Home Theatre Speaker System Provides a different level of facility and also helps them in the decorating of the gaming desk.

You can also use it for your home entertainment device like Connect with tv, laptop and etc. In this way, you can use it for your whole family’s entertainment, not only just for you.

With the use of a remote, you can easily control your whole sound system. Not only for this but it is also equipped with high rated and advanced technology.

  • Sleek And Decent Look
  • High-Quality Sound System
  • Remote Control for easy to use
  • Have a deep Base System
  • Speaker Connectivity Wireless
  • Only One USB Port

3)F&D F6000X Powerful 135W Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker & Home Theater System (5.1, Black)

Main Features :

  1. High Quality Sound System With Superior and Heavy Base
  2. Multiple Connectivity- Bluetooth, FM, AUX & USB
  3. Equipped with different colorful lightning effect
  4. Equipped with all facility that meets all your needs
  5. Easily Handle With Remote Control

If your budget is low and you are in search of a very good quality sound system that will make you enjoy the world of your own music then we have brought for you an excellent sound system.

We are sure that this is a product that will not overwhelm your pocket budget and meet your needs.

Speaking of sound quality, alongside 5.1 surround sound, it has an output of 135 watts that is capable of providing clean, consistent, and balanced acoustics.

It provides a variety of connection options, such as FM, Bluetooth, USB, and AUX, through which many media devices can be easily connected.

It provides metal grill designs for subwoofers and satellite TVs, and high-gloss plastics for satellite TVs. 

In addition, it also has an exquisite appearance and stylish design, which will definitely bring you fun. F&D F6000X is also equipped with automatic LEDs, which can provide you with excellent visual effects.

This particular audio system also comes with a 1-year warranty. Finally, it is perfect for music lovers looking for excellent bass.

  • Affordable
  • Consume less power
  • It comes with a remote
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Solid build quality
  • Heavy satellite speakers

4)Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Philips 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Main Features :

  1. 5.1 surround sound-an immersive sound experience
  2. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device
  3. USB Direct can easily play MP3 music
  4. FM tuner for enjoyment on the radio
  5. Ideal for MP3, PC, TV, CD & more

Philips home theater is not only the best home theater system in India, but also the best home theater for movies, games,s and music enthusiasts in India with less than 15,000.

The 5.1 surround sound creates audio that offers a great mystical experience, and you can also connect to all of your devices to listen to your favorite music, such as MP3 players, CDs, etc.

The multimedia speaker can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device and can be connected to a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The Philips 5.1 home theater system also has USB and SD card slots for direct access to music via USB.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Quick and hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity
  • With a loud bass, decent sound quality
  • No knob to control the treble
  • At high volume, there is sound distortion and vibration

5)Sony DAV-TZ145 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DVD Home Theatre System

Sony DAV-TZ145 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DVD Home Theatre System

Main Features :

  1. Enhance every movie with DVD up-scaling
  2. Enhanced Sound Quality
  3. Easily Sync with Bravia
  4. FM radio tuner

The Sony brand does not require any introduction in the global consumer electronics market. This 5.1 Sony home theater system is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic and has a sturdy and durable feel.

The best part of the Sony DAV TZ145 home theater system is that it has a DVD player and a 5.1 speaker system.

The rated sound output power of this 5.1 home theater system from Sony is 360W. This is best for medium-sized halls or large rooms.

The DVD player that is part of the home theater setup has a custom sound amplifier that can greatly improve the quality of sound output. The bass level is deep, rich, and clean-probably the best bass you can get in this price range.

The DVD player features a USB port in this home theatre device to playback media files from memory. There is also an FM radio tuner that allows you to listen to local radio stations.

  • Although at high volume levels, the voices are exceptionally crisp.
  • Supporting nearly all major media codecs.
  • Robust manufacturing quality
  • Minimal and elegant design
  • FM radio tuner
  • Lack of connectivity via Bluetooth

How to install Home Theater in home for better sound

  1. Consider space and seating dynamics- The first thing the integrator needs to do is to review the space proposed for the new theater during the initial consultation. 
  1. Install the right technology for your theater- One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional integrator is that you can take advantage of their partnership with high-end brands. 
  1. Develop a comprehensive installation plan- The plan can ensure that the screen and speakers are installed in the correct position so that everyone in the room enjoys a clear view and uniform sound.
  1. Connect all necessary signal sources– With the right wiring installed correctly, you can easily add various signal sources to your home theater to achieve endless entertainment.
  1. The theater can be controlled by the touch of a button- Connect the home theater to the smart control system, and you can easily manage the video source, display options, audio, and even lights through the intuitive user interface on your smartphone, touchpad, or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can the soundbar be connected to a home theater? 

You can connect the soundbar to the receiver via an optical cable. You can also use HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) to connect the soundbar to the receiver. 

2.Is the home theater system worth it? 

If you like to enjoy the best quality media experience at home, then the home theater system is definitely worth your time and money. 

3.What should be the ideal size of a home theater room? 

Choose a room that is at least 15 feet wide and 20 feet long.

4.Which surround system is better 5.1 or 7.1?

Numbers 5.1 and 7.1 denote the number of speaker channels used in the music system and the subwoofers.
In total, a 5.1 channel surround system comes with 6 channels where 5 are speakers and the subwoofer is denoted by 0.1.

7.1, on the other hand, is an 8-channel system that comes with a single subwoofer and 7 speakers. If you compare purely on a channel-wise basis, you can select the 7.1 System Surround.

But, again, the output power of each of the individual speakers must be tested. If the 5.1 channel speakers have greater output power than all the 7.1 system speakers combined, then the 5.1 channel system is better than the 7.1 system.

11 BEST EARPHONES UNDER 1000 In India April 2020

11 BEST EARPHONES UNDER 1000 In India April 2020

The price of earphones varies depending on the specifications and usage.

If you are using earphones to listen to some news or any other serious content, then you can opt for the cheaper ones.

But if you are using earphones to watch HD movies you can purchase the ones that are at a slightly higher price as they provide excellent noise cancellation.

Philips Audio SHE1505






BoAt Bassheads 102




Realme Buds 2 with Mic




152 IN-EAR 








If You want to read more about the earphone to buying guides and product features, You can read the articles

Best Earphones Under 1000 with a great quality

Now, let us see the 11 best earphones under 1000 that are available online

1.Philips Audio SHE1505

Philips Audio SHE1505 in-Ear Rich Bass Headphones

There is an in-ear design wired earphone with an ergonomic design and certified high-quality audio output.

There is something for everyone in Philips Audio SHE1505. Both those training and those commuting will find the music to be pleasing. 

In-ear headphones with passive noise cancellation and well-specified functionality are offered at a very reasonable price point for individuals who do not wish to spend a lot of money.  

A high-quality plastic material makes up the shell of the earphone, making it feel very durable and well made. 

Despite its thickness, the connecting wires can withstand minor abuses but are often tangled.

Lossless signal transfer is ensured by a 90 degrees headphone jack.

In addition to decent bass levels, the vocals and treble notes can also be heard clearly.

When using the inline microphone, call quality is flawless and no issues were noted on either side of the call.

The copper cable can withstand abuse thanks to its strength and durability.

This device is one of the best choices in its price segment because of its durable build quality and decent sound output.

Features –

  • 10 mm Drivers
  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  • 3 Interchangeable Caps
  • Durable
  • Good Bass
  • Good for Calling
  • Gets Tangled Frequently


Boat Bass heads 100 in-ear earphones gives quality output that makes it different from other brands. You can also use this earphone to access Alexa by installing an app called boat lifestyle.

  • HD microphone is available in the earphone that is featured to produce high-quality audio during a call.
  • The perfect curve at the ear tips makes the earbuds glide into your ears.

In-line microphone, super extra bass, and the perfect length of the cable are its special features.

Its hawk style besides the earbuds attracts attention from others and you can proudly put your heads high.

Furious red and Taffy pink are the color varieties available in boat bass heads 100 earphones.


The Boat Bass heads 225 in-ear earphone has a special feature called passive noise cancellation that makes you listen to music peacefully when the surrounding is full of noise.

  • The earphone is covered with polished metal which makes it attractive and long-lasting.
  • The cables are flat which ensures that you don’t waste your time in detangling the wires
  • The earphone is compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices.

Engraved metal finish, Integrated controls with noise isolation mic, gold plated angled jack makes the earphone more attractive.

The molten orange color adds a stunning look to the earphone.

4.boAt Bassheads 102

boAt Bassheads 102 in Ear Wired Earphones

Aside from their excellent features and low price, Boat’s new in-ear headphones offer a great package. The boAt is one of the top earphone manufacturers in India with a significant market share. 

You are kept insulated from the outside world by the light, comfortable material of this earphone. However, since they are vented, some background noise is bound to enter. 

Clean, well-balanced sound with no grating or overpowering is produced by these earphones. Designed to fit comfortably in the ear canal, this earpiece ensures optimum hearing.

The copper cable withstands abuse very well because it is durable and strong. Despite their in-ear design, these earphones have a very pleasing sound signature. 

There are no overpowering bass lines, and the vocals and treble notes are not smothered by them.

A good sound is produced with minimal interference from ambient noise.

The earpiece housing provides a much cleaner sound output due to the minimal vibrations inside the chamber.

For this price point, these earphones sound far superior to their competitors. It is surely one of the best earphones in this price range.

Features –

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Compatible with Android/iOS
  • 104db ±3db
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Velcro Cable Manager
  • Inline Mic
  • Average Build Quality


The Xiaomi Earphone basic is manufactured by Xiaomi for customers only in India. The Xiaomi earphone is designed with silicone earbuds to give extra comfort to its users.

Listed below are some of the details of Xiaomi Earphone basic earphone that makes you purchase one:

  • It has mic and buttons that allow you to play/pause and change tracks and answer/end calls
  • The sound chamber is made up of aluminum that delivers balanced sound.

Ultra-deep bass, High-quality silicone earbuds, and precise detailing make the earphone stand out among others.

The earphone is available in black, blue and red colors. The sound chamber is made up of an aluminum alloy chamber.

6.Realme Buds 2 with Mic

realme Buds 2 with Mic

There are many features packed into these in-ear buds. A headset at this price does not come with noise-canceling but this earphone is different. Sound quality is excellent as well as noise cancellation. 

Low-end agility is evident and there’s plenty of texture throughout. Despite its modest price tag, the music sounds clear and refined. 

Compared to competing earphones in its price range, the realme Buds 2 has a similar design to their competitors.

It is made of high-quality plastic that ensures durability while ensuring that it has the right weight.

It has a V-shaped split with adjustable cable fasteners in the middle and is sufficiently long. 

There is a reinforced tip on the pin of the 3.5mm connector. It is easy to distinguish the sound of every instrument and the stage separation is excellent. 

This earphone has excellent sound quality overall. There is a natural bass in it and a good sound signature. 

Taking hands-free calls and switching tracks can be done with one button, but the volume cannot be adjusted. 

Features –

  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sound Pressure Level: 106dB
  • Rated Power: 3mW
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Natural Bass
  • Low-Quality Build


The JBL C50HI earphone is a lightweight earphone and a new edition of JBL. It has an in-line microphone with remote controls that makes you control your call and music.

The earphone is made up of plastic and with a monochrome color.

  • The earphone is built with quick access to Google Assistant/Siri.
  • It has one button universal remote with Mic which makes playing tracks and answering calls easy

Noise isolation microphone, lightweight and 3.5mm jack are the special features of this earphone.

The appearance of the earphone is bright and trendy that anyone who passes by notices you. Colors available: Red, Black, and blue.


Boat bass heads earphone provides you with heavy bass that keeps you motivated while you enjoy the music.

With the design and quality of these earphones, you will feel like partying while you are still at home.

  • The earphone casing is made up of metal and feels light on the ears.

Dual-tone superior coated cable, metallic finish earbuds, and super extra bass are the ones that make you feel that this earphone is a must-buy.

Colors available: Red, Black, and blue.


The JBL C200 SI in-ear earphone provides you with legendary sound quality. The earphone has a quick launch to Google Assistant and Siri.

The earphone is known for the True Powerful Bass.

  • The earphone has a shiny metal finish which makes it premium.
  • The quality of the cable wire is sturdy.

Premium metallic finish and 3.5mm gold jack are features of the JBL C200SI earphone. Gunmetal, Ice Grey, and Mystic Blue are the colors available in this type of earphone.


Josh up your mood with the boAT bass heads 132 in-ear earphones as it takes you to another level of listening.

The earphone is designed with comfortable earbuds that are designed with a modern touch.

In-line Mic, Premium HD Sound, and Comfort oriented design are the factors that make you awestruck at the design of the earphone.


The Sony MDR-EX150AP earphone matches your style with the design and looks of the earphone. The earphone is extremely lightweight which makes carrying it an easy job for you.

  • The earphone gives a clear bass sound output
  • The design and build of this earphone are also good for an earphone in this range.

Shining metallic finish housing, wire manager, music mobility and fitting earbuds are the special features of this earphone.


Having discussed the best 11 earphones under 1000, now let us know how to purchase an earphone and what things to look out for in an earphone.

It is important to know the types of headphones available in the market to get the best one for yourself.

Know the types

The headphones are majorly classified into the following:

  • 1.Over-ear
  • 2.On-ear
  • 3.In-ear
  • 4.Earbuds

Each one of the above has its own purpose, but we have mainly covered the third type, the in-ear headphones. It is otherwise called earphones.

The other three are on the pricier side and do not fall under the category of “under 1000”.

Advantages of in-ear earphones

The earphones have excellent passive noise cancellation which gives you privacy and better audio quality. Due to the small size, it becomes handy to carry.

Disadvantages of in-ear earphones

Over usage and a high volume of in-ear earphones can lead to severe canal irritation and hearing problems

How to choose the best?

Know the purpose of your earphone, whether you will be using them for listening, playing games, or distracting yourself from the chaotic environment around you.

Take a note of the specifications your earphone should satisfy. Most importantly, fix your budget to buy the best earphones under 1000

Make sure to do thorough research before you actually buy the product.

Don’t forget about the discount/offer period announcement of the giant e-commerce websites, eg. the Great Indian Festival on Amazon that takes place during October.