5 Main Difference Between Food Processor Vs Mixer Grinder

Most people are wondering what is the difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder. Most people don’t know about the difference between a food processor vs mixer grinder.

We have written this article to solve your question today, so read to the end and find out what is the main difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder.

First of all, we will discuss what is a food processor? and what is a mixer grinder?

A) What is a food processor?

An appliance that helps in shredding, mincing, slicing, chopping, and pureeing a meal, vegetables, and fruits with high-speed processing.

B) What is a mixer grinder?

An appliance that can be used to grind grain i.e. to divide the grain into small pieces and use it to make a meal for regular. It is also used to mix ingredients.

5 Main difference between the food processor and mixer grinder- Food Processor vs Mixer Grinder

1) Mixer grinders can be used to a limited extent such as liquidizing, dry grinding, and making sauces.

As well as with the use of any other type of mixer grinder you can make a smoothie, shake, liquidizing liquid.

While a food processor can do all these things along with slicing, atta kneading, juicing, etc.

So where there is some limited use of a mixer grinder while a food processor can do a lot of work.

So this is a very important and big difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder.

2) As you can see, a food processor has a lot of work as well as more accessories, more utilization power while the use of a mixer grinder is limited.

Having too many accessories in the food processor naturally, takes up more space, while a mixer grinder does not take up too much space in the kitchen as there are not many accessories.

3) Nowadays you must know how important space is. Every housewife tries to arrange the appliances in the kitchen in such a way that space is less and the appliances are more absorbed.

4) It is important to look at the price difference when it comes to the food processor vs mixer grinder. So let’s talk about the price difference between the food processor and mixer grinder.

In addition to this, there are many differences in power consumption, in the technology used to build it, in their working principle.

5) When it comes to power consumption, a food processor consumes more power than a mixer grinder.

This factor matters a lot because not everyone can afford that high electricity bill.

So, in this case, the food processor is better than the mixer grinder.

Which one is best for you? food processor or mixer grinder

The answer to this question depends on your need. If you are fond of eating and making new dishes, you can buy a food processor and it will be the best for you.

If you sit down to do different things yourself to make all these new dishes, a lot of time will be wasted and you will not get the same output as the appliances. So in such a condition, you have to buy a food processor.

Difference between the food processor and mixer grinder

And if you are in search of the best food processor and are confused then you can read our article and get rid of your confusion.

7+ Best Food Processor In India-2020 | Affordable Price and Highest Quality

It is natural that when we are talking about food processors vs mixer grinders, the question that arises in the minds of some people is why should we buy food processors? Why not a mixer grinder?

So the answer to this question is also depends on the needs of your family and how many members there are in the family.

If you have a large family, you should definitely insist on buying a food processor as it happens in a large family that you have to cook frequently and overcooked and the best appliance for you in such circumstances is a food processor.

It makes any of your work easier whether it is slicing, shredding, cutting. While the mixer grinder is unable to do all these things.

And if you have only two or four people in your family, a mixer grinder may work for you, but there are some limitations. You can not do all of the work that you can do with a food processor.

In-depth information about the food processors

When food processor vs mixer grinder is being talked about, then the working method of both these appliances must be mentioned.

So first we will discuss the food processor. Learn about how the food processor works and what technology it uses.

As we all know food processor comes with a lot of accessories like different types of blades, citrus juicer, shredding cutter, slicing cutter, different types of jars, special chutney jars, french fry cutter, and a lot of things.

But a very important part of the food processor is motor performance, the capacity of jars, and durability of a food processor. Basic components used in the food processor are motor, bowl with lid and feed tube, and other accessories.

It’s pretty obvious when we are talking about the food processor vs mixer grinder, So it has to be about the performance of the motor.

You will get a high-performance motor in a food processor than the mixer grinder. Since it is used in more than one work, its motor power must be higher.

Once you buy a food processor you will not have to use a knife. The food processor will do all the work that comes with it.

You can use it to chop veggies, grate coconut, grind masala, prepare healthy juice, prep vegetables, blend tomato puree, and much more work.

Most food processors are capable of working as a mixer grinder, juicer, atta kneader, chopper. This is the main reason when it comes to food processor vs mixer grinder so we urge you to buy a food processor.

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In-depth information about the mixer grinder

We learned what a mixer grinder is. Now when it comes to food processor vs mixer grinder then naturally it is necessary to include the good points of mixer grinder.

So let’s try to get the knowledge about the mixer grinder in-depth.

We all know that nowadays any electric product is made using a lot of technology. The same is true in the case of this mixer grinder.

It is mandatory to talk about the technology used in it as we are talking about food processor vs mixer grinder.

The most notable features you will find in most of the mixer grinders are the powerful motor, various assorted blades, concealed bushes, long-lasting nylon couplers, and pulse function.

With any mixer grinder, you will find there is one powerful motor, Jars, Various sizes of blades, pulse control switch knob, and anti-skid pads.

You cannot use a mixer grinder in more than one function as a food processor. You can use a mixer grinder to a limited extent.

As we said earlier if your family is small and you want to buy an appliance just to do the normal chores of the kitchen then you insist on buying a mixer grinder otherwise food processor is the best.

If you are looking for the best mixer grinder: 7 Best Mixer Grinder In India (2020)

Which one should you buy according to us?food processor vs mixer grinder

According to our us, if your budget allows you, you should definitely buy a food processor as the functions that a mixer grinder can do can be done comfortably by a food processor.

Not only that, but it can do the functions of four other such appliances alone. So why shouldn’t you buy it?

If you are still not satisfied with our points then we will give a few reasons and prove that food processor is the best in food processor vs mixer grinder.

  • Food processor makes your cooking preparation easier and faster which prevents wasting your precious time.
  • The food processor comes with a lot of other accessories that make your work easier.
  • Your food processor is also work as a mixer grinder, chopper, juicer, and atta kneader.
  • With the help of a food processor, you can make your favorite delicious dish. Food processors are best for food lovers.

Conclusion of the whole article in short

Notable Points Of Food Processor
  • Have a high-performance power
  • It can work as a mixer grinder, atta kneader, chopper, and juicer
  • Little expensive than the mixer grinder
  • It takes up more space in the kitchen
  • With a food processor, you will get a lot of accessories
  • Complete your task easily and fast than the mixer grinder
  • Less power consumption
Notable Points Of Mixer Grinder
  • It also has a good performance motor
  • Can be used as a specific work
  • Cheaper than the food processor
  • It takes less space in the kitchen
  • You can also get accessories but in limited numbers
  • More power consumption

So this is the short conclusion of the whole article food processor vs mixer grinder.

Now you can easily understand the basic difference between the food processor and mixer grinder.

You also know our opinion and you may have found a solution to what is best for you. So now you have to decide whether the food processor is best for you or a mixer grinder.

Top 3 Best Food Processors and Mixer Grinder In India 2021

Food processors and blenders can make food preparation fun, enjoyable, and save time and energy.

For all-around convenience, investment should be made in this multifunctional kitchen equipment.

The benefits of installing food processors and blenders in the kitchen are numerous.

Smoothies and juices can be done at once in a few minutes. In addition, with this modern spectacle, pizza and bread can be made at home.

For convenience, we selected the top three food processors and blenders in India in 2021 based on customer reviews.

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Food ProcessorsWhere to Buy
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FAQs –

1. Can a food processor be used as a grinder?

The food processor will make your cooking experience more enjoyable and you will love creating new recipes. To prepare a meal, one must chop, blend, make a puree, slice, and grind ingredients. 

It would take a very long time and be tedious to do all these tasks by hand. You should buy a Food Processor over a mixer so that you can save time and energy.

Because In addition to its juicing and grinding capabilities, the mixer grinder does not have the capacity to handle other tasks.

In a food processor, you can attach various blades to the bowl that holds a motor and perform all kinds of tasks. This bowl has a lid and a tube that allows food to be poured into it.

2. Can I use a food processor instead of a mixer?

Yes, you can use a Food Processor instead of a Mixer. Because a food processor can be used for many purposes in the kitchen. 

In contrast to mixer grinders, we don’t need multiple appliances to serve different functions in them. 

In the food processor, the needs are met. You can chop, grind, grate, blend, etc. with it. Blades and disks on the food processor can be changed, so it serves many purposes. 

For cutting vegetables, it has slicing blades and different size jars. The bowl and jar are also equipped with an included pusher to place the food inside.

3. Is a food processor the same as a mixer?

No, they are not exactly the same. You can use mixer grinders to mix liquids, grind dry items, and make sauces.
In addition to making a smoothie with a mixer grinder or a shaker, you can also liquidize liquids with it.
An ordinary food processor can carry out all of these functions as well as some other cooking functions.
The mixer grinder can only be used in limited circumstances, whereas the food processor can do a lot more.
Thus, there is a great deal of difference between the two devices. 

Lastly, if you are confused even after reading this food Processor vs mixer grinder article, you can tell us about your problem in the comment box below.

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