7 Best Tower Fan In India Incredible for Summer

Best Tower Fan In India –

India’s climate has changed dramatically over the years, which is why we almost always need a fan in our house to keep our rooms cool.

Ceiling fans are difficult to use and install, so tower fans are ideal for someone who lives with a small family or is alone. 

A tower fan can be used on the ground, and you didn’t have to worry about hanging it to the ceiling like other fans available on the market.

Luckily, we have made portable of the best tower fans in India that you can go through to get an ideal product with a detailed review. 

Top 7 Best Tower Fan In India Review 

1. Impex TWISTER PLUS Tower Fan 

Best Tower Fan In India

Impex is an Indian brand that makes a wide variety of fans, including tower fans, wall fans, table fans, and ceiling fans, with an attractive design to suit your interior needs. 

The Impex tower fan is equipped with a set of elegant blades that maximize the airflow while maintaining a minimum fan speed on the walls of your home.

It comes with a robust and straightforward design to match the background of your room while giving you natural cool air to breathe. 

One of the main reasons for choosing the Impex tower fan is its powerful motor, which can control voltage fluctuation to ensure constant airflow. 

  • Optimized airflow system.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Three-speed controls.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Easy to move with a portable body.
  • Does not have a remote control.

2. iBELL Prime Tower Fan

Best Tower Fan In India

Ibell has made its name in the Indian market for making one of the best tower fans in India that comes with all the modern features at a budget price. 

The fan is made from a plastic material, so you would never have to worry about rust forming on its body, making it a value-for-money product.

It comes with a 4-way air conditioning system that cools your space on each side and a fan range of about 25 feet with minimal power consumption.

Plus, it’s a lightweight product that you can move from place to place at your home that suits your aesthetic needs while having an innovative machine that is fast to use. 

  • A powerful motor offers a strong airflow.
  • Delivers air on all sides.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Built quality could have been better

3. Russell Hobbs RTF Tower Fan 

Best Tower Fan In India

The Russell Hobbs tower fan offers you a constant airflow with adjustable flaps and an elegant design to keep it anywhere around your house. 

You can position the unit horizontally or vertically and still get the best performance with three remote-controlled speeds and wind mode levels.

The tower fan is compact and can be carried by anyone because of its lightweight body with a powerful motor to generate high-pressure airflow. 

It also offers excellent adjustable angles to cover every part of your room while saving energy in the background to reduce your electricity bill. 

Besides, the tower fan has to overheat protection, so you can leave it running at night and have no problems afterward. 

  • Portable and light-weight body.
  • Remotely control is available.
  • Energy-efficient motor.
  • Allows you to set a timer.
  • It is expensive than others.

4. Deco Air Tower Elegant Indoor Fan 

The Deco Air Tower Fan is an excellent product that can save you from harsh summer days by cooling your room from the inside without making any noise.

It has three different speed settings that you can customize according to your needs, and due to its portable design, you can take it with you anywhere.

Apart from that, the tower fan is available in two different colors and has many unique features to give you a modern fan for your office or home that is easy to use.

The fan can be controlled from a remote device to change speed and wind settings right from your bed, making it the best tower fan in India. 

  • Can be controlled with a remote.
  • Sleek and attractive body.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Easy to use and carry.
  • It is a bit costly.

5. RETRO Tower Fan 

The RETRO fan provides you with sufficient airflow in your room and a remote control function that connects wirelessly to control the device. 

It is equipped with a sleep timer, oscillation control, and a mode switch for the constant airflow from the variant and to get rid of the summer heat.

The device makes very little noise when used, and you can place it anywhere in your home without taking up space.

Moreover, it has a modern design that promotes advanced air filter technology to maximize your regular sleep schedule and provide you with an energy-efficient product. 

  • Premium & strong design.
  • Dedicated controls to maximize comfort.
  • Inbuilt sleep timer.
  • Multiple modes for different settings.
  • Speed is a bit low

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6. Aart Store Air Indoor Tower Fan

Aart Store is an Indian company that manufactures high-quality tower fans for the customer who need a constant air supply system in their home.

Since the tower fan is made from a plastic material, it has a light-weighted body that you can keep in your living room, hall, or office to deal with hot weather. 

Apart from its powerful exhaust, you can expect to get a good range with your tower fan as it is designed to cover a lot of areas in closed places. 

Even if you leave your fan overnight, it won’t use much energy because of the energy-efficient motors, which can lower your electricity bill, making it a worthy product in the list of best tower fans in India. 

  • Uses less energy.
  • Takes minimum space.
  • Rustproof & light body.
  • Value for money product.
  • No sleep timer is provided.

7. HOMEST Fresh Air Ionizer Tower Fan

When you use the HOMEST Tower Fan, the air supply system becomes ideal for any environment in your home to get clean and fresh air.

This is a product made in India, which also features a unique design that offers higher quality airflow with three levels of speed control.

The fan has a built-in ionization system which creates a fresh presence of air to circulation in your room, as in outdoor conditions, without pollution.

Plus, the powerful motor of the fan offers the highest coverage of all of the above products to provide you with optimized airflow in your room. 

  • Filters air and remove pollutants.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • Cheapest product on the list.
  • You can use it for long periods.
  • No warranty available.

Best Tower Fan – Buying Guide

In residential houses, the popularity of ceiling fans only surpasses that of tower fans. Since they are portable, these fans allow you to cool down any room, and you will not need to install hardware or change your residence.

You only need to unplug the power cord when storing or cooling another room.

This buying guide contains important information about the necessary aspects of tower fans. We are sure that after reading this buying guide, you may have any other ideas about your choice.

In addition, you can easily determine the priority of the functions required for optimal comfort.

Timer – 

The tower fan timer ranges from 8 to 12 hours. Some are below or above the mark, but this is about the average you can expect.

Airflow Velocity:

The fan’s airflow speed is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), or how much air the fan can pass per minute.

Tower fans generally produce lower airflow speeds than other types of fans because the blades (installed in vertical units) on tower fans are much smaller, so fewer air moves.

Noise – 

Because it is a mechanical rotating device, noise is inevitably generated. Although even if you can’t get an absolutely quiet tower fan, you can also choose to add a relatively quiet fan.

Tower fans are usually placed in the living room, bedroom, or important meeting room of the office. Loud noise may become a problem in the office.

Having a quiet tower fan will definitely provide you with more comfortable heat dissipation because you can relax in a quiet environment.

Size – 

Tower fans use a tall and narrow design, allowing them to distribute airflow over a large area while occupying the smallest floor space.

On average, most tower fans are 30 to 40 inches tall, and the base occupies about one square foot. 

The tower fan can be easily positioned in tight spaces and corners without disrupting the flow of people in the room.

Speed Setting – 

The majority of tower fans have three speeds: low, medium, and high. However, many provide additional settings that allow you to fine-tune the air circulation in the room.

Oscillation –

Oscillation is the amount by which the fan can move you from right to left. There are no magic numbers here, but the larger the number, the wider the coverage. According to our experience, most fans have a range of 70 to 90 degrees, but like a timer, your mileage will vary.

Warranty – 

You should always choose a product with a valid warranty statement. The warranty period defines the durability of the product.

If there is a warranty period, you can rest assured that the tower fan will work because it will be repaired or replaced free of charge in case of damage.

If the manufacturer does not provide a warranty, you need to operate the device with extreme care and prevent it from any external damage.

Best Tower Fan – Final Words

Tower fans have become one of India’s most common electrical appliances that everyone loves to buy to cope with hot summer days. 

Even if the weather changes, you can take out your tower fan and use it at your home right away, and it won’t take up much space to hold.

If you plan to buy the best tower fan in India, we suggest that you take our first pick, Impex plus tower fan.

It offers a sturdy and lightweight design at a reasonable price with lots of features to ensure constant airflow for dealing with heat. 

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