7 Best Stabilizer For LED TV

7 Best Stabilizer For LED TV

Best Stabilizer For LED TV

Best Stabilizer For LED TV – After the invention of electricity, it is going through a process and getting a better modification day by day, but there is a never-changing problem that is power lines have seasonal ups and downs of voltage. These ups and downs of voltage cause a lot of voltage fluctuations.

They can cause some drastic damage to your home appliances. Voltage fluctuations can damage an appliance from its inside system. The components can get fired up, and the functionality takes a big hit. The same thing can happen to your LED televisions also.

These LED voltage stabilizers are used as a static device to keep the current stable before feeding to the connected equipment. LED stabilizers to get this done with a specification of an electronic circuit that is specially designed for LED sets.

Here I am giving you a list of the Best Stabilizer For LED TV

Best Stabilizers for LED TV Review 

1.V-Guard Mini TV Stabilizer + Set Top Box

Best Stabilizer For LED TV
V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme TV Stabilizer

V-Guard Mini TV Stabilizer ensures that you have a great hassle free great service. It has a great matte black virgin ABS cabinet which adds a very elegant look with your gorgeous TV set. Most importantly it has a thermal sensor function which can sense excessive current consumption and protect your TV from burning.

Features –

  • APPLICATION: Any type smart or LED TV up to 82 cm (32″)with also Set-top Box;
  • CAPACITY: Capacity is1.3 A;
  • COLOUR: Black finish
  • CABINET: ABS materials
  • INDICATOR: Graphical LED
  • FEATURES: Black ABS Cabinet, Thermal Overload Protection; Metal Oxide Varistor Spike Protection
  • WARRANTY: 3-Year Offsite Warranty

2.MONITOR (100% Copper) Voltage Stabilizer

Best Stabilizer For LED TV
MONITOR (100% Copper) Voltage Stabilizer

MONITOR is a trustable company and it provides a hassle-free experience of current. It is a black color multipurpose stabilizer. Very easily it could be installed. Two holes need on the wall to fit this device. It has great longevity.

Features –

  • Application: Appliances that can be connected are smart, 3D, LED, LCD TV up to 65 inch and more
  • COLOUR :Black finish
  • Materials:100% Copper material ( Power Saving , Better Conductor , Better Power Factor )
  • Working Range: 140V-290V it ensures that multiple appliances can attach to this.
  • Warranty: All India 5 – Year Replacement Warranty ( Product Would be Replaced In case Of Service Issue )

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3.Everest ELS 100 ABS Body Voltage Stabilizer

Everest ELS 100 ABS Body Voltage Stabilizer

Everest is a trusted source of electronic products. It is multiple stabilizers with a working range of 90 V to 290 V. This provides a better view experience. It has a standard indicator to indicate voltage. In one word it is very cheap and easy to use.

Features –

  • Application: Smart, 3D, LED, up to LCD TV 72 inches + HD or SD, DTH + Home Theater System, Gaming Console, Blue Ray player (Total load up to 1.2 Amps)
  • COLOUR: Black
  • CIRCUIT: User-friendly display, 100% Copper materials , Space-saving compact design ,Power saving technology,High and low voltage management
  • QUALITY: Optimal efficiency is achieved by the use of advanced solid state circuitry technology.
  • Working Range :input current range is 170V to 270V and output is 200-240 V. With low/high voltage cut off and also current saving noiseless device.
  • Warranty  : 5 Years Warranty, In case of any product issues or service defects.

4.V-Guard Voltino TV Voltage Stabilizer

V-Guard Voltino TV Voltage Stabilizer

This TV Voltage Stabilizer by V-Guard gives you a better service. Its durability is very high. Its ABS cabinet adds a magnificent look to your drawing room.

Features –

  • APPLICATION: THe Smart TVs or any form of LED TV, as well as a home theatre system and a set-top box
  •  CAPACITY: 2.25 A; 
  • COLOUR: Matte Black
  • FEATURES:Beautiful black veneer cabinets and wall-mounted installation facilities. Furthermore, an advanced IC evolving technologies for voltage level correction through an overheat protector, which can prevent equipment burnout, is available.
  • WARRANTY: 2-Year Offsite Warranty

5.V-Guard TV Stabilizer Digi 200 Smart with Digital Display + Home Theater + Set top Box

V-Guard TV Stabilizer Digi 200 Smart with Digital Display

It has a great look with a modern service. It has a great service of durability and quality. Though it’s price is little high but this is fantastic product quality.

Features –

  • Application: Can be used with smart/ 3D/ LED /LCD TV up to 70 + HD or SD Set Top Box and more
  • DISPLAY: 7 Segment Digital Display
  • DURABLE: Virgin ABS cabinet for long-term longevity
  • PACKAGING: Specially crafted packaging to ensure safe e-commerce home delivery.

6.V-Guard Nano Supreme Television Voltage Stabilizer+ Set top Box

V-Guard Nano Supreme Television Voltage Stabilizer

Here is another one option of V-GUARD Stabilizer and no doubt it is also a great option and model. It is specially designed to protect 70 cm TVs and set-top boxes. In the wide operating range of 90-280 V, the operating current of the stabilizer is 1A. It has a working status LED indicator.

Features –

  • Designed for 70 cm (28) TV + Set-top Box
  • LED Indication for easy understanding

7.Everest ECC Voltage Stabilizer

Everest ECC 100 LED Wide Range Voltage Stabilizer  

For those who are not interested in V-Guard products, this is another option. On the above, I mentioned that Everest is a trusted company with a number of positive reviews. Everest ECC 100 LED comes with user-friendly LED status indicators to demonstrate input and output performance. When the device is powered on, the input indicator will light up. The output LED will make you understand the operating mode at a glance.

Features –

  • APPLICATIONS: The space-saving ultra-thin design of the LED stabilizer suitable for 72-inch stabilizers improves safety with the help of toroidal transformers (the latest German technology)
  • Its working range is 90v-290 volts, working at 850 watts
  • CIRCUIT: Using advanced solid-state circuit technology to achieve the best quality performance, saving 40% of power, no noise, instant start and intelligent delay
  • Warranty: 5 Years Warranty

Best Stabilizer for LED TV – Buying Guide

If you are not sure how to buy a stabilizer for LED TV then here I am guiding you to make informed choices.

Voltage, current and power

First Check the voltage, current & power rating of the device. It is written on the specification sticker near the power socket, check the user manual. In India, standard service voltage will be 230VAC, 50 Hz. You have to carefully select the correct stabilizer for your LED.


The capacity of the stabilizeris a notable point, you have to check that. It is always mentioned in ‘A’ units.


Durability is a very important part of any electronic gadget. So if you are looking for a good stabilizer then must have a look at it’s durability.


Indicators display the voltage with its graph LED so it is a very important part of the stabilizer.


As voltage stabilizers works with electricity so you have to notice that it can’t get wet or damaged . So mounting is an important thing.


In case of any product issues or service defects in the warranty period, that particular part is replaceable so check the warranty period carefully.

Best Stabilizer For LED TV  – Final Words

These TV sets are the newest models in the market, and if one has an unstable supply of electricity, they should make sure to add a stabilizer to make it a consistent value.

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