Top 7 Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India

Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India – Instant water heaters or tankless water heaters are devices that instantly heat water as they flow through the heater.

They do not reserve water internally and are low-storage capacity heating units, best suited for small families. Instant water heaters are gaining popularity, as they present several advantageous qualities and properties. 

They have a very high heating rate and can heat water in minutes. They occupy very little wall mounting space and are compact.

With a longer life span, these heaters are energy-efficient, as they deliver the passing water immediately, rather than storing it.

Besides, they are cheaper than conventional storage heaters and can easily fit in your bathroom or kitchen. 

They work fast and are an ideal solution for heating water, with the capability of providing a gallon of hot water in a minute.

Instant heaters require more energy than storage water heaters and are usually most effective for soft water.

Buying the best instant water heater from the range of Google search results available is easy.  But below are some links that will take you to the best available options you can buy from an online marketplace.

7 Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India

Product NameWhere to Buy
1)Bajaj Flora 1 Liter Instant Water heaterBuy on Amazon
2)Crompton Bliss 1 Litre Instant Water HeaterBuy on Amazon
3)Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant GeyserBuy on Amazon
4)Racold Pronto Neo 1 Litre Instant Water Heater-Buy on Amazon
5)Hindware Atlantic Convenio 3 Litre Instant GeyserBuy on Amazon
6)Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Water HeaterBuy on Amazon
7)Orient Electric Aura Neo Instant Water HeaterBuy on Amazon

Instant Water Heater Size

An instant water heater usually comes with a storage capacity of 1-3 liters, relatively lower than storage heaters. It can heat 1 liter of water in approximately 20 seconds, with a 4.5kilowatt heating element.

Our Top-Rated 7 Picks For The Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India- 2020

Here, we will discuss the top 7 best instant water heaters in India. The information shown here is based on research, in-depth analysis of the product, and customer feedback.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the quality and performance of all the products mentioned below.

1)Bajaj Flora 1 Liter Instant Water heater

Top 7 Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India

This instant water heater, branded by Bajaj, has a capacity of up to 1 liter. The beautiful and elegant design and framework of the heater are commendable.

It has a high-speed heating capacity, providing extra comfort for a soothing hot shower.

With a two-year warranty, Bajaj guarantees durability and comfort. This practical water heater can stand high pressure of up to 8 bars and poses no risk for tall-rise buildings.

It provides relaxation and ease after a long day of work and tiredness.

Key Specifications:

  1. Provides effective measures against corrosion, with a strong and durable thermoplastic outer body for this heater.
  2. The product dimensions are 38.5 Cms X 23.5 Cms X 23.5 Cms
  3. Manufactured under Bajaj, this heater comes with the latest heating technology.
  4. With multiple safety systems in place, including a fire retardant cable, this system is secure for you and your family.
  5. A smart neon indicator acquaints the user with the ‘power on’ status and indicates the water’s current heating level.
  6. It is compact and practical, posing no worries for high rise buildings as well.
  • Buyers highly admire their heating speed.
  • It is fortunately available in 1L and 3L variants.
  • The heater’s quality and outer covering serve to be secure and rust-proof, with a long-life heating element.
  • Comes with an assuring 2-year warranty
  • It is compact and small, easy to fit anywhere!
  • It has many safety procedures in place to prevent hazards and mishaps.
  • The product is delivered with a helpful user manual.
  • It is ISI approved
  • The users question their durability.
  • It comes with installation charges and needs extra accessories for installation.
  • The flow of water is known to be comparatively slow by the users.

Customer Reviews –

Bajaj vertical water heater users are satisfied with the PUF insulation material, which can keep the water in the tank at a high temperature for a long period of time.

Titanium armor technology can prevent the heater from rusting and overheating, thereby providing safety and helping the product to operate normally for a long time.

And it provides longer effectiveness. Some users also said that the installation of the 1l and 3l models is not free.

Read the Complete Review on Amazon

2)Crompton Bliss 1 Litre Instant Water Heater

Top 7 Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India

This Crompton instant water heater system is highly qualified and an apt contender for India’s best instant water heater. Its beautiful design enchants users, while a 3-liter storage capacity forms an ideal small family solution.

Crompton keeps setting high standards for product quality and reliability. This heater provides users with easy and fast water heating and soothing showers for relief.

Key Specifications:

  1. The product dimensions are 19 x 2.1 x 40 cm, weighing 3 kgs.
  2. This product includes a multi-functional safety valve with a 6.5 bar pressure.
  3. With a pretty and sleek design, it includes a stainless steel tank with no welds.
  4. With complete corrosion free ABS plastic body, it secures durability and safety.
  5. It has a long life span, with a unique copper heating element.
  6. The water heater includes a 3-year assuring warranty and a capacity of up to 3 liters of water storage to provide you and your family with the utmost comfort level.
  7. With a 3000 power watt, this instant water heater is fast and secure.
  • It is an ISI marked and certified product.
  • It is pretty low cost and compact.
  • It provides hot water in minutes, with a highly admired speed of water heating.
  • It is relatively easy to install, as buyers say.
  • It is best suited for nuclear families and small spaces due to their small size and framework.
  • It’s built, and design is pretty and smart, with a modern touch.
  • The heater’s capacity and performance is commendable by the users and buyers.
  • It includes a light indicator to provide the user with the status of the water heating.
  • The brand does not help in the installation of the product; therefore, it has to be procured by the buyer.
  • Extra necessary accessories like connector pipes, etc., are not provided for the product.
  • The flow of water is not continuous and is disappointing, as verified by the users.
  • Its durability is questioned.
  • The users are not satisfied with the customer service, as they claim it is not as helpful and responsive as required.

Customer Reviews –

Buyers of Crompton Bliss instant water heaters are satisfied with low cost, compactness, and installation.

But some basic things are needed for installation, such as water inlet and outlet pipes. There are no two connectors and plugs in the package. We have to buy them separately.

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3)Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

This gorgeous instant water heater, with a good 3-liter storage capacity, is one of the best solutions for an instant heater.

With an immediate hot water supply and a multifunctional safety valve, Havells provides a heater that is effective and modern, focusing on your ultimate convenience.

With a useful overheating cut-off feature, the heater turns off the heating system when the water reaches the desired level of temperature, according to your needs.

With a long-lasting covering and a plethora of latest features and properties, this heater is a great solution!

Key Specifications:

  1. The product dimensions are 37.3 x 22.5 x 19 cm, and the product weighs 3 kgs.
  2. It has a color-changing LED indicator that changes from blue to amber according to the water temperature.
  3. The product’s outer body is rust free and completely shockproof, with an ABS plastic covering for durability.
  4. Its inner tank is made of 304-grade stainless steel.
  5. It has multi-safety features, including a fire retardant power cord in the eventuality of a hazard.
  6. With a 0.65 MPa bar pressure, the product poses no harm to high rise and multi-story buildings.
  7. The product is ISI marked and certified, providing a full 3-year warranty card on the product and five years for the condenser.
  8. With 3000 watts power, this product also comes with a user manual, wall mounting accessory, and 2 Flexi pipes
  • It is sleek and compact, with a beautiful design.
  • Its ultra-thick stainless steel inner tank provides utmost security against leakage or any other such problems.
  • It has a color-changing LED indicator to aid the user.
  • Its outer body covering provides long-lasting durability and lifespan.
  • It consumes relatively less electricity in comparison to other products.
  • Its speed of heating water is extremely fast.
  • The users commend the product’s efficiency and are satisfied with its compact design, best suited for small families.
  • The installation process and pieces of equipment are not the best.
  • The users claim the product to be of poor quality.
  • The buyers question its durability.

Customer Reviews –

According to users, the Havells Instanio 3-liter instant geyser is great. If we use this product in a cold winter environment, the product will take time and consume a lot of electricity.

If we use the product in a small home, the product can save electricity overall.

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4)Racold Pronto Neo 1 Litre Instant Water Heater

Instant water heating has reached a new level with high-pressure resistant technology, making baths easier. Racold’s range of water heaters makes sure your hot water bath is delayed.

These are both durable and fast which is the reason why people love them. The elegant Italian design of this water heater, with a rare combination of technology and style, makes it suitable for every posh bathroom.

The high-power heating element ensures you get hot water instantly.

Key Specifications:

  1. This instant water heater comes with the capacity of 1 Litre
  2. This instant water heater is suitable for high-rise buildings and purchase pump applications.
  3. Provides the 3 levels of safety
  4. Comes with steam-type thermostat and cutout features
  5. Comes with high-power heating element
  6. Has PUF Insulation
  • High-Pressure Resistance technology.
  • Pronto’s high pressure withstanding capacity makes it suitable for high-rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications to work smoothly.
  • 5-year-warranty on the inner container of the purifier and a 3-year-warranty on the heating element is offered. Moreover, a comprehensive warranty of 2 years is also provided.
  • The thermostat ensures automatic temperature control and extra safety.
  • PUF Insulation- less expenditure on electricity bills
  • The anti-siphoning system prevents the reverse flow of water from the container. This avoids dry heating.
  • The PUF ensures retention of internal heat and temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency. This also reduces your electricity bills.
  • Buying it online would not offer you free installation. No help or assistance is provided by the company in that case.
  • Water flow is a little slow while using it with the shower.
  • They don’t offer an on-site warranty which is not that big of a drawback, considering the other warranties provided with the product.

Customer Reviews –

Customers who bought this Racold Pronto Neo instant water heater are satisfied with its appearance and a sturdy body.

But some people say that the product design is different as shown in the picture. There are few reports that they have received defective products.

Read the Complete Review on Amazon

5)Hindware Atlantic Convenio 3 Litre Instant Geyser

This is a technologically robust and advanced instant water heater. Probably the best instant water heater for the bathroom.

It comes with a superior corrosion-resistant stainless steel tank and an ABS body. With Class 1 working pressure compliance, it can perform at 6.5 bar pressure, making it perfect for multi-story buildings.

The RPR ensures that hot water gets reheated instantly, saving your time and lessening the extra costs. With its thermostat feature, it prevents excess energy wastage.

A small yet instant electric water heater is also suitable for instant usage in your kitchen. It is an Instant Water Heater type with 3 Litres capacity; 3kW and 6.5 Bars pressures.

This instant water heater price is around Rs. 2150 which is really cheap.

Key Specifications:

  1. The geyser is made by using a high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel water tank inside.
  2. The RPR valve ensures that the hot water is reheated immediately, saving you time and reducing costs
  3. The main body of the heater is protected from water splashing.
  4. Copper sheathed heating element
  • There is a 5 Years Warranty on the Tank.
  • Gives Installation services after delivery.
  • It is crafted with a superior corrosion-resistant stainless steel tank with ABS body- Inner Tank Material.
  • Has a convenient LED Indicator for Power On/Off switch and heating capacity.
  • The i-Thermostat feature of the hot water geyser is the best followed Technology.
  • Class 1 Working Pressure is built to withstand the high pressure of a 6.5 bar that is appropriate for multi-story buildings and business areas.
  • Standard items are not provided in the package that would cost you around Rs. 700-800 more to accumulate.
  • Customer service is questionable as many people reviewed that sector as bad.
  • Some products were faulty according to customer reviews.

Customer Reviews –

Users of this Hindware Atlantic Convenio Instant Geyser are satisfied with the super high price.

One of the reports shows that the customer has received the used product, but after the complaint, the product can easily be replaced by Amazon.

Read the Complete Review on Amazon

6)Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Havells’ this particular instant water heater price is around Rs. 3500 and it’s compact, stylish, efficient, and the best instant water heater for a bathroom in this price range!

This bestseller instant water heater comes with an LED that changes color as the water heats to the desired temperature is based on the color-changing LED Indicator planning.

Ultra-thick stainless steel inner tank of superior grade is shock and rustproof. Color-changing LEDs that change from blue to amber color indicate the hotness of the water.

The stainless steel inner tank is of the best and superior 304 grade and is capable of heating water in a small time frame. It has a fire retardant power cord for maximum safety that ensures safety at its best.

It has a 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure suitable for high-rise buildings and pressure pump applications. This feature of instant water heater is based on High precision pre-calibrated thermostat and comes with a safety valve and preset thermal cutout.

Key Specifications:

  1. Ultra-thick stainless steel inner tank of superior grade provides rust and shockproof ABS outer body.
  2. It is suitable for large wall spaces.
  3. It also comes with a Fire-retardant power cord; works with high working pressure 0.6 Mpa which is ideal for high-rise buildings.
  • It has a color-changing LED indicator.
  • It is very durable
  • Uses a copper-heating technology for power saving
  • The inner container has a warranty of 2 years
  • Wall-Mounting accessories along with the power cord come inside the box
  • Automatic cut-off by thermostat when the temperature is at the maximum.
  • Even though you adjust the thermostat cut-off limit, you cannot change the temperature of the water delivered.
  • It does not come with a reset button.
  • Installation service is not provided when purchased online.

Customer Reviews –

User feedback on the Havells Instanio 3-liter instant water heater indicated that they had no complaints about the geyser, but some user reviews indicated that there was no free installation.

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7)Orient Electric Aura Neo Instant Water Heater

The Orient electric Aura Neo offers instant hot water on demand and instantly. This 1 Litre instant water heater has rust and a shock-free ABS body with a Class I pressure tank.

It has an adequate pressure capacity and also features a seamless LED indicator with a heavy copper element of 3KW. What more do you want?.

Tank made with high-grade stainless steel, and an ABS outer body makes this instant water heater durable and shock-proof.

Unique features like pressure release valve and anti-siphon valve make it safe for use.

Superior quality, coupled with a more extended warranty, makes it the first pick as a water heater for your kitchen, office pantry, or small bathrooms.

This is the best instant water for a bathroom if you have a small family.

Key Specifications:

  1. The inner tank is made of high-grade stainless steel. Therefore, there will not be any rust or corrosion problems.
  2. The shell is made of sturdy ABS material, which also has the functions of shockproof and rustproof.
  3. Other safety features include pressure relief valves and anti-siphon valves, as well as variable pressure compatibility, making it usable almost anywhere.
  • High-grade stainless steel tank for high and longer durability
  • Heavy copper heating element for good corrosion resistance
  • ABS rust and shockproof body
  • Neon Indicators for night visibility
  • Variable pressure compatibility
  • Molded 3-Pin plug ensures better load efficiency.
  • The price is really less for a big company like that
  • Beautiful Design
  • No free installation is provided by Orient in most cities around India
  • You might not get the hottest water. All it provides is lukewarm water and your purpose and need should be clear in your mind before purchasing it.
  • After-service is not that good.

Customer Reviews –

A customer found that the device was wrapped in plastic and found water droplets when opening the package.

Maybe they tested the product before will heat the water to boiling temperature within 3-4 minutes. You can only expect 4 pots of hot water.

Read the Complete Review on Amazon

How to Install the Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India

Fond of having a hot water bath, then you will love installing instant water heaters. These are incredibly small devices to warm water within some minutes.

You don’t need to wait for the time your water becomes hot. All You need is to install this Instant hot water and switch on the plug. Installation of an instant water heater requires careful attention.

From plumbing and electrical connections to ensure proper appliance functioning, everything needs attention.

1.Find an area for the new water heater. The small device can be installed underneath where hot and cold water supply lines are accessible. Ensure that at least 14 inches of space are open around the heater’s exterior.

2.I am holding the heater against the desired wall. Put four screws into the device’s attached mounting brackets and the wall, using a screwdriver. Place each screw at the individual corners of the heater’s outer assembly.

3.Turn off the supply to the nearby sink by hand-turning the valve. Check the sink water knobs to verify that the water supply is cut.

4.Cut the cold water supply line with tube cutters close to the heater’s area. Cut it with the tube cutters below the first cut area to remove a tubing piece for the Y-fitting’s future installation.

5.Place a Y-fitting in the place on the cold water supply line. Solder the fitting to the line using a soldering iron.

6.Place a bucket underneath the Y-fitting. Allow the cold water to flush through into the bucket. This is to remove dirt and scale from the immediate pipe area and confirms that the Y-fitting was correctly installed.

7.Turn the water back off at the valve. Remove the bucket and next solder the ball valve.

8.Solder the ball valve to the open Y-fitting.

9.Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the hot water supply line.

10.Push a flexible water hose onto the hot water line’s Y-fitting and hand-connect the other end of the heater’s “hot water out” connection point. Using the compression tools to compress the fittings to both connection points is a must.

11.Repeat Step 10 for the cold water line. Attach the ball valve to the “cold water in” connection point.

12.Turn the water on the valve. Turn the faucets on the knobs and allow the hot and cold water to flow through the heater. Observe the connection points to verify that no leaks occur. Turn off the faucets once the water runs for about 4 minutes.

13.Turn off the circuit breaker at the main panel, Verifying that the power is off by using a non-contact circuit tester.

14.It is necessary to look for a manual and read it carefully. Each manufacturer has a different wiring configuration depending upon the accessibility and requirements.

15.Turning on the circuit breaker and running the water heater is a must to verify that it is heating the water effectively.

Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India – Buying Guide

Buying a water heater is not rocket science, but there are certain factors to keep in mind when investing. 

  • Types of water heaters:

According to your needs and convenience, you can buy a suitable water heater. 

  1. Storage water heater (6 Litres and above): 

The storage water heater is the most basic and classic form of a water heater. They are widely used for domestic purposes. It is called a storage water heater because the storage tank is installed inside the equipment.

Even without electricity, it can store a lot of hot water, so it can be used when needed.

  1. Instant water heater (1-3 liters) 

Instant water heaters are high-power appliances that can heat water immediately. These types of water heaters are very compact and are suitable for small bathrooms and kitchens with limited space. 

  1. Solar water heater 

Solar water heaters are both environmentally friendly and can achieve their goals, and also help us promote sustainable development. They use solar energy to convert renewable solar energy into heat.

  1. Gas water heater 

Gas water heaters are water heaters that run on LPG. They are supplied via natural gas pipelines/cylinders and are highly energy efficient. They are lighter in weight and very cost-effective. 

  1. Immersion heater rod 

This aboriginal technology that uses heating rods instead of equipment is a convenient and practical way to heat water. Due to its compact size, the immersion heating rod can be easily accommodated in storage places or cabinets.

It is designed for rapid heating and includes a hanging hook, a safe operation indicator, and a water level indicator. What else do you want?

6. Family size

Your daily water demand is one of the main factors that determine the capacity of the water heater. The following is a rough concept of the capacity required for general use.

Please note that this is indicative, as the capacity will vary based on water usage patterns, inlet water temperature, and weather conditions. 

6-10L2 person per bathroom
15L1 – 2 person per bathroom in a cold climatic location
15L or more3 – 4 people per bathroom
25L3 – 4 people per bathroom in a cold climatic location
35L or moreMore than 4 people, bathtubs
Instant water heaterKitchen, mild hot water requirement

7. Energy efficiency 

Energy-saving products are good for your pocket and our environment. Therefore, it is a wise choice to use a water heater with low power consumption and high efficiency.

The energy efficiency of a water heater is represented by its energy star, that is, the higher the grade, the higher the energy efficiency of the product.

8. After-sales service 

Water heaters are sensitive equipment and must be taken care of and maintained regularly. In case of damage, it is very important to have good after-sales service support to repair the geyser. 

9. Water type 

Many people underestimate the damage caused by hard water to the water heater. Hard water contains a lot of mineral salts, such as calcium and magnesium.

The minerals present in hard water can cause scale. For a while, this started to interfere with the efficiency of the water heater.

10. Pressure pump compatibility 

If it is a high-rise building, you need to use a pressure pump in the water heater. Most water heaters on the market tend to leak when exposed to high-pressure water. 

11. Fashion

Who says essential appliances can’t be beautiful? The perfect water heater is an extremely efficient water heater, which can also improve the comfort of the bathroom.

Therefore, when buying a high-quality water heater, you should also pay attention to your aesthetic concept.

Storage Gas VS Instant Gas

Now, it is essential to know about the features provided by storage geysers and instant geysers. Let’s discuss each of them.

Instant geyser:-

  1. This type of geyser provides us with an instant flow of hot water. I am thus preventing time loss.
  2. It is available in 1 to 3 liters as of now at mostly low price ranges.
  3. It is compact and is ideal for washing hands, utensils, and similar other minor works.

Storage geyser:-

  1. It provides us with a constant flow of hot water as it stores water inside.
  2. It is available in 6-10 liters, 10-15litres, and so on. One can buy according to the members present in his/her family. The ideal option is to choose 10-15litres geyser for 3-4 members of the family.
  3. It is mainly used for bathing, washing clothes and for similar other purposes. Generally, the quantity of water needed for such purposes is high in amount. So, it is recommended to purchase storage geysers instead of purchasing instant geysers.

Safety Tips

From putting pan water onto the flame till getting heated water instantly, a water heater becomes an essential part of our daily life.

In this “need for speed” experience, it is practically impossible to keep your eyes on your water heater all the time just to ensure safety.

So, it is better to know about the safety tips regarding water heaters before or after purchasing.

Earthing: When using any type of electric heater, make sure that the heater is properly grounded. Lack of proper grounding can cause fatal electric shock. Water and electricity usually do not mix well.

The water heater is carefully designed to cope with this combination. However, failures are common. Make sure your electric geyser or electric pole is properly grounded.

In the event of a malfunction, if your skin comes into contact with metal, proper grounding may result in life or death. For electric sinkers, make sure that the bucket is made of non-conductive material. The immersion rod must not touch the barrel wall.

Venting:- Whether you have a tank water heater or tankless water heater, venting is the most critical aspect of safety. Low emissions can cause fumes and carbon monoxide to re-enter the home instead of going outside.

There are different types of vent configurations. Make sure that you install a vent that suits your specific needs.

Glass-linked tank:- Whether you are purchasing a steel water tank or plastic water tank, it is necessary to look at whether the surface is glass-coated or not.

Glass-coated helps heat to remain inside the tank, thus increasing the efficiency of the water heater. If your tank is made up of steel, then it will also protect it from rusting.

Power on-off: Geysers usually have indicator lights to indicate when the water reaches the set temperature.

Although the thermostat is responsible for the water temperature, since the geyser emits heat to the environment, keeping the heater on will cause an ON and OFF cycle.

Keeping the switch on will not only increase power consumption but also cause a lot of wear.

Eliminate fire hazards near the water heater: If you have a gas-powered water tank-type water heater, you should remove all combustibles near the water tank.

Storing flammable liquids and/or materials near the indicator light is a source of disaster. Do not store jackets, skipping ropes, trash, or gas cans anywhere near the water heater.

All that needs to be done is a crack in the water heater or a leak of smoke, which forms a chemical reaction with these combustible substances, resulting in an explosive disaster.

Temperature control:- Every water heater has settings in it naturally warm, hot, very hot, and so on. But the most preferred temperature is near 120°C. Well, it may vary from person to person.

But for the people who have thinner skin, mostly children, toddlers should provide with the water at the temperature mentioned above to protect them from being scaled.

Sometimes, the burner might burn its armature due to excessive use of the heater.

That’s why it is necessary to purchase a water heater according to the members of the family. If you have 3-4 members, then a 10-15litres water heater is generally preferred.

Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India – Brands

If you are really looking for an instant water heater, then here are some of the brands that I personally recommend.

●      Bajaj 

Available in between 1 to 3lts at a price range of 1k-4k. The corrosion-proof thermoplastic external body is given—neon indicator for power switching to on.

●      Crompton

Available in between 1 to 3lts at the price range 1k-4k. Rust-free ABS body. Stainless steel weldless tank.

●      Orient

Available at price 1k to 4k depending on the capacity you are choosing in between 1lts to 3lts. High-grade stainless steel for durability and good copper coating for resisting corrosion.

●      Havells

It has an LED indicator and rust and shockproof ABS outer body for long life. It also has a fire retardant power cord for maximum safety.

There are also other brands to check-in. I mostly preferred those brands that include safety measures for their product.

Note:- While purchasing electrical types of equipment, you should prioritize the quality and services provided by the company rather than price.

Best Instant Water Heater (Geyser) in India – FAQs

 a.How the water heater works?

1.From the main water supply, water enters the tank.
2.The heating burner/element at the bottom of the water tank starts heating the water. 
3.As the water heats up, it will rise to the top of the tank. 
4.When you need hot water, take water from the top of the tank where the hottest water is.

b. How much time does the water heater take to heat the water?

A general gas heater needs 30 to 40 minutes to fully heat the water in its water tank. You can expect that average electric heaters will take between an hour and an hour to 20 minutes.

Solar heaters should take a similar time- between an hour and an hour to 20 minutes to heat up. In theory, a tankless water heater will provide your house with unlimited hot water without preheating time.

c.Can a water heater last 20 years?

You should expect a brand new water heater to last at least until the warranty expires. After that, things became uncertain.

Nowadays, based on a series of factors, the average service life of a typical water heater is usually about 10 to 13 years. 

Tip: The advantage of tankless water heaters is that their service life is usually about 20 years!

d.How often should you replace your water heater?

If your water storage tank has been used for more than 10 years, it may be time to consider replacing options.

If proper maintenance is carried out, the tank water heater tank should be able to use for 6 to 12 years, while the life expectancy of the tankless water heater can exceed 20 years.

Check the warranty for the most accurate schedule.

e.Can a water heater explode?

Water heater explosions are rare, but once they happen, they can cause catastrophic consequences.

Don’t wait for a disaster. These are some of the signals your water heater will send before it bursts. 

Pressure relief valve leakage 
Rotten egg smell
Crackling and knocking noise
Wrong installation

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