7 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India 2021

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India

The washing machine is undoubtedly an indispensable piece of household equipment to anyone who has washed clothes by hand.

There are lots of benefits to buying an Automatic Washing Machine in India. This is an automatic machine so it automatically stops after the clothes are washed. 

Why You Should Consider the Fully Automatic Washing Machine?

  • It is very easy to use.
  • The automatic modes consume very less water, so it saves water as well. 
  • Most of these machines are compact in size which means that they can be installed in very small spaces as well.
  • Not only that, but these machines also have a great washing capacity as well.
  • Those today come with exciting features like hot water or steam washing, detergent dispensing, timers, pulse, agitators, and a variety of options.

Best Washing Machine Brands

There are many top brands that manufacture fully automatic washing machines in India, There are many such as Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Godrej, etc.

We will look through all those brands and their products in this guide. Let’s begin.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in IndiaReview 

1. LG 6.5 Kg 5

The LG fully automatic inverter 6.5 kg top load washing machine is one of the best picks. The quality, features, and technology of this model will never be compromised.

This top-loading washing machine contains good spin speeds for both washing and drying. This one has a maximum rotational speed of 780 RPM. 

As the pulsar and drum rotate in opposite directions, the turbo drum of this washing machine is ideal for removing tough stains.

When a drum is spun at high speeds, the Direct-Drive Inverter technology prevents it from vibrating. The noise is also considerably reduced as a result. 

It is a more advanced technology than the rubber belt used in previous washing machines. With Direct-Drive, wear and tear are reduced, thereby extending the engine’s life.

Activate child lock by simultaneously pressing the Temp and Spin buttons. With the machine locking the settings, no one can tamper with them. Releasing the child lock once more requires pressing the buttons.

A drum cleaning feature can also be activated by pressing both the Time Delay and Pre-wash buttons simultaneously.

Smart Diagnosis lets you diagnose any operating problems with your washing machine. In order to take advantage of this feature, you need to download the Smart ThinQ app. 

Buyers Experience

The buyers have shown mostly mixed reviews of this product. They like its amazing advanced features but some buyers have also complained that it has issues while loading the clothes.


  • 780 RPM
  • Wash Delay
  • Child Lock Feature
  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • Easy to Use
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Fast Washing
  • Loading Issues

2. Samsung 6.5 Kg Washing Machine

The washing machines from Samsung are among the best you can buy for the price you pay, and they are without a doubt one of the best washing machines. 

This Best Top Load Washing Machines in India from Samsung washing machine has a 6.5 kg capacity and is a Samsung 6.5 kg fully automatic top-load washer.

Since this machine was designed for Indian customers, it comes with a variety of the best features. In this washing machine, the drum has diamond-shaped holes, so it is called the Diamond drum. 

Compared to the other drums, the holes are quite small. The clothes are very gently washed by these substances. 

Inverter motors are included in all Samsung models. The Motor also runs much cooler than regular motors, since it has fewer moving parts. The Samsung motor is covered by a 10-year warranty for this reason.

While it runs at 750rpm, this Samsung dryer vibrates a bit. It is good to note that the machine is unable to move an inch from its original position, even when vibrating.

You will be notified that the wash is complete by a short beep sound when the washer is finished washing.

In the course of the wash, steam will be released from the bottom of the drum, completely submerging all the clothes. Bacteria and allergens are inactivated when this process is completed. Especially during times of pandemics, this is a unique and useful feature.

Buyer’s Experience

This best fully automatic washing machine in India is highly praised in the market. The buyers have rated it quite high because of its great features and performance. However, some buyers have faced issues such as loud vibrations.


  • 30000 Grams Weight
  • 6.5kg Capacity
  • 220 Volts
  • 56.8 x 54 x 99.5 Centimeters
  • Smart Inverter
  • Great Motor Performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Vibrates a Bit

3. IFB 6 kg 5 Star

A variety of sizes, colors, and inbuilt heaters are available on the best IFB Front Load washing machines. This best-washing machine in India is best for large and medium families. It is one of the Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India.

A crescent moon pattern on the drum of this washer prevents clothes from rubbing against the walls while they are being washed. When the Drum rotates at speeds as high as 800 RPM, the clothes are protected from wear and tear.

There are 8 wash programs on this IFB washing machine, suitable for all types of clothes. The most useful programs are Mixed Fabrics Mode and Quick Wash. 

When using this mode, you can wash cotton and denim clothes that don’t have too much dirt in them in half the time.

Using this appliance, you can reduce TDS levels in hard water and make washing softer by using a water softener. 

Even in areas with high salt levels, the IFB Front Loader is an ideal choice. The machine parts are also kept free of scaling formation by doing this.

Buyer’s Experience

Buyers have shown quite a good response to this best IFB washing machine in India. However, some buyers have faced installation issues.


  • 64000 Grams
  • 6 Kg Capacity
  • 230 Volts
  • 64 x 59.8 x 87.5 Centimeters
  • Compatible with Hard Water
  • Good Motor Performance
  • 10-Year Warranty on Parts
  • Inbuilt-Heater
  • May face some technical issues while Installing

4. Godrej 6 Kg Washing Machine

This fully automatic top loading washing machine from Godrej comes in an attractive dark gray finish. It has a 6 kg capacity and 700 RPM cycles, which are a good speed. Several family members or those with low laundry needs will be able to utilize this washing machine.

This washing machine is equipped with a turbo 6 pulsator to ensure a good quality wash.

Stainless steel makes up the drum of the washing machine, resulting in a long life expectancy. This best fully automatic washing machine in India offers nine wash programs.

Buyer’s Experience

This Fully-Automatic Top-load Washing Machine from Godrej has got mainly positive reviews from the buyers. It is a good appliance to have in your house. Although, it can get a little noisy sometimes.


  • 56.5 x 56.5 x 91 Centimeters
  • 29500 GM Weight
  • 6kg Capacity
  • 230 Volts
  • 9 Wash Programs
  • Turbo 6 Pulsator
  • 10 Years Warranty on Parts
  • Little Noisy

5. LG 7.0 Kg

Every family is able to find an LG fully automatic washing machine that fits their needs. With this model, you will be able to wash powerfully while using less energy.

Your clothes are able to move in multiple directions with this technology, such as slipping, stepping, filtering, tossing, swinging, and rolling. Therefore, you can wash your clothes more effectively and get an improved result.

This best fully automatic washing machine in India offers a host of convenient features in addition to its innovative six-motion controls.

When a drum is spun at high speeds, the Direct-Drive Inverter technology prevents it from vibrating. The noise is also considerably reduced as a result. 

It is a more advanced technology than the rubber belt used in previous washing machines. With Direct-Drive, wear and tear are reduced, thereby extending the engine’s life.

6-Motion technology causes your clothes to move in different directions as explained earlier. You can ensure that the detergent reaches all parts of your fabrics with this technique.

Activate child lock by simultaneously pressing the Temp and Spin buttons. With the machine locking the settings, no one can tamper with them. Releasing the child lock once more requires pressing the buttons.

A drum cleaning feature can also be activated by pressing both the Time Delay and Pre-wash buttons simultaneously.

This Smart wash feature is designed to help you diagnose any issues related to your washing machine’s operation. In order to take advantage of this feature, you need to download the Smart ThinQ app.  

Buyer’s Experience

LG is a popular brand among buyers and this product has lived up to its mark. It has mostly got positive reviews from the buyers and they are completely satisfied with its performance. Some users complained about low water pressure which can be a concern.


  • 54 x 54 x 91 Centimeters
  • 32000 Grams
  • 7 Kilograms
  • 230 Volts
  • Easy to Use
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Inverter
  • Low Water Pressure

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6. IFB 7 Kg Washing Machine

The IFB brand makes some of the best fully automatic washing machine in India, even though it has been around for a long time. 

This brand produces high-quality washes in both top load and front load models. There are many amazing features in this IFB 7 kg.

For washing different types of clothing in various ways, this model has eleven wash programs. For a small family of three people, this washing machine has a capacity of 7 kilograms. 

A maximum spin speed of 1000 RPM is achieved by this model. For better control and ease of operation, it has a big LED screen.

Buyer’s Experience

This product has received a lot of positive response from buyers due to its amazing performance and unique features. However, some buyers have shown negative reactions because of its over pricing.


  • 7 KGS
  • 1000 RPM
  • 72000 GM Weight
  • 230 Volts
  • Great Motor Performance
  • 11 Wash Programs
  • 4 Years Warranty
  • Slightly Expensive

7. Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Washing Machine

Due to its Zero Pressure Fill Technology, the Whirlpool Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine is a great option for apartment dwellers. 

A unique feature of this Whirlpool washing machine is 6th Sense Technology, which detects low voltage and water conditions and adjusts the wash and spin cycles as needed.

A family of four can use this Whirlpool Whitemagic to wash their clothes. 12 programs are available and the spin speed of this washing machine is 740 rpm.

Using this top-loader by Whirlpool is simple. Simply load it with your laundry, hit 1-2-3 and it’s done. Water and detergent levels are determined by the machine based on the amount of load. The cycle of washing is completed by the machine very quickly.

Your dirty collar and cuffs do not have to be scrubbed manually anymore. With Power Scrub Technology, it takes care of tough dirt and provides thorough cleaning.

Furthermore, there are 12 different wash programs to wash woolens, bedsheets, whites, and delicate apparel with this machine. 

The Hard Water Wash Technology works by detecting the degree of hardness in the water and determining the appropriate detergent level. A decent wash is ensured by adapting the wash cycle.

High-rise apartments can cause water pressure issues. Water pressure at decent levels is generally required for washing machines. Even with low water pressure as low as 17 MPA, this Whirlpool top-loader is able to fill the washtub up to 50%.

Whenever you are in a hurry, the Express Wash cycle makes your life easier, since this cycle can save you 40% of the time usually required for standard washing. 

Buyer’s Experience

Whirlpool is another major brand in the industry and this Fully-Automatic Top-load Washing Machine has lived up to its expectations. The buyers have rated it quite high. The only problem buyers faced was because of its noisy performance.


  • 54 x 54 x 98.5 Centimeters
  • 31000 Grams
  • 7.5 Kilograms
  • 230 Volts
  • Easy to Use
  • 12-Wash Programs
  • Spiro Wash Action
  • Noisy

How to Choose the Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India? Buying Guide 

A fully automatic washing machine can be either a top-loader or a front-loader. 

There are different brands and models available for each of these products. Let’s look at a few features you should keep in mind when buying the best fully automatic washing machine in India.

Drum Size

It’s also important to pay attention to the capacity of the drum or the drum size, this is usually calculated in kilograms. The size of the drum should be determined by how many clothes you wash in one wash. 

So, drum size will be determined by the number of people in your family. When you decide the right size, you don’t just look at how many people are in the house, but also at the weight of the clothes.

Washing Programs

The mode for each type of fabric should always be different because certain fabrics require extra care while washing. 

If you cannot set the washing mode and have to manually wash them, there is no point in buying an expensive machine. 

This is one feature you should check before you buy a washing machine.


For those using their first fully automatic washing machine, they may not realize the amount of detergent they should use. 

Poor wash quality can result from using less or more than necessary. 

Thus, a detergent dispenser with an auto-dispense feature helps to get the best results.

Wash Drum Material

There are many types of wash drums, including stainless steel, plastic, and porcelain-coated. They will last for many years due to the rust-free nature of stainless steel. 

Ceramic-coated products do not last very long due to their quick deterioration. High-end washing machines often use plastic because they are durable and last a long time.

Hard Water Usage

Although India has a lot of hard water, most washing machines in the country cannot cope with it. 

Due to hard water, detergent is difficult to dissolve. In addition to clogging pipes and damaging drums, residue from undissolved detergent can damage the pipes.

You should therefore pick a washing machine that is designed to deal with hard water. The best fully automatic washing machine in India uses hard water treatment technology and the latest technology to work. 

Hard water will be converted easily into soft water and washed. It will also ensure that the machine is not damaged and the clothes are kept clean.

Noise & Vibration

It is very annoying if the noise and vibration levels are extremely high. Make sure your washing machine is vibration-free and quiet. 

There are most likely to be fewer vibrations and lower noises with most brands nowadays. Hence, before shopping for a washing machine, be sure to check this feature.

Temperature Settings

Each wash program should allow you to adjust the temperature independently. The temperature should be set high for different types of cloth and amounts of dirt.

In addition, infant clothes must also be kept at a high temperature. Thus, you should choose a machine with adjustable temperatures.

Price and Brand

When you buy a washing machine, you should consider both the price and the brand. With a fully automatic washer, the price is usually high. 

The price list of the top load washing machine is lower, but the fully automatic front load washer is more expensive.

Moreover, some brands are expensive, so their price is affected by the brand. 

Therefore, make sure you check out the features along with the price when choosing a washing machine.

How to use the best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India ?

Each household’s top priority is to own a washing machine. Yet, did you know that more than half of people misuse their washing machines? 

Lack of proper information is the reason behind it. Regardless of whether your washing machine is automatic or semi-automatic, following the instructions is essential.

When you use an automatic washer, you should follow these steps:

There are two kinds of automatic washing machines-top loading and front loading. Their steps of use are quite similar. Several steps must be followed differently, however. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Top loading washing machine:

Adding the appropriate laundry detergent is the first step. We recommend using detergents that are gentle on clothing. It depends upon the functionality of your washing machine whether to add the detergent directly into the drum or in the dispenser.

The next step involves loading the washing machine drum with clothes. Never fill a washing machine drum to 100 percent with clothes. A quarter of the space should be left to assist with effective washing.

Steps 1 and 2 can be switched around. Third, choose the right cycle for your washer. A washing machine may come with different features. Based on the type and number of cloth in a drum, choose an appropriate cycle. Time is set automatically and displayed for your convenience by the machine.

The clothes can be dried either in the dryer mode or under natural sunlight after the wash cycle has been completed. Ensure the machine is turned off after use.

Front loading washing machine:

  • Put the detergent in the dispenser after taking the appropriate dose.
  • Put all the clothes in the washing machine’s horizontal washer drum. The cleaning power will be directly affected if the drum is overloaded.
  • The right temperature should be selected. A temperature can be classified as either cool warm, or hot. The type and fabric of clothing that you put inside should dictate what we pick.
  • Depending on how fast, moderate, or slow you want the spin cycle, select the appropriate category. 
  • Check the instructions given in your washer’s manual if you want to know more.
  • Pressing the “start” button is the next step. You can keep working while the machine decides the time. 
  • Immediately after the machine beeps, you must remove the clothes to avoid a bad odor.
  • For proper use, remember the following:
  • Before running the usual cycle, run a prewash cycle on the overstated clothes.
  • For delicate or lacy fabrics, laundry bags are provided.
  • If possible, let the door of the washing machine remain open after laundry.
  • To maintain the efficacy of the washing machine, ensure it is cleaned regularly.
  • Your machine should never be overloaded! 

Spend money on its maintenance without hesitation. Make small repairs yourself. If it doesn’t seem possible, call a technician.

Hopefully, you learned a lot about how washing machines are used today. 

Washing Machines Technologies

Just now, you’ve seen what washing machines are composed of. Let’s examine the various technologies at play.

Inverter Technology

Power can be saved significantly by using this technology, especially when a motor is needed.

Machines run at the speed optimization for the load with inverter technology.

Washing machines have motors that operate at a fixed load in the normal course of operations. Thus, it performs optimally under this particular load.

With an inverter, you have the option of running the machine at a variable speed based on the load you have at any given time.

Based on the load, the motor speed is determined by an electronic circuit. As a result, you save lots of energy since the load isn’t the same every day.

Direct Drive Technology

With conventional motors, you have the gears and belts that move. These parts experience a great deal of friction whenever they are used. The motor may be less efficient as a result.

Since such movable parts are removed with Direct Drive Technology, friction is eliminated and energy is saved.

Despite its advantages, Direct Drive motors can also have disadvantages, such as being heavier than conventional motors.

Although they are more efficient, they are also quieter. Several manufacturers today incorporate direct-drive technology and inverter technology together.

The power savings can be considerable, especially if the load is variable.

Flexwash and TwinWash

Because each of these machines has its own inherent advantages, choosing between top-loading and front-loading machines might cause a lot of confusion.

Is there a way to combine the advantages of both technologies in a washing machine?

Samsung has developed a Flexwash system that lets you blend the two designs into a single washing machine. You have a 21 Kg capacity front loader machine and a 3.5 Kg capacity top-loading machine.

This same technique has been used by LG and is incorporated into its latest range of washing machines with the TwinWash feature that uses two separate drums.

In this way, you can capitalize on both technologies in one device.

EcoBubble and O2 Wash

The importance of washing clothes cannot be overstated. The fabric should also not be damaged while being washed. Bubbles can be used in cleaning clothes in order to achieve the same outcome.

The hot water feature of most washing machines is similar to this one.

Several leading electronic giants, including IFB and Samsung, have adapted this technique to cold water machines as well. Because washing laundry items with cold water is a custom in India.

This technology was pioneered by Samsung and transforms detergent particles into tiny bubbles. To remove dirt stains, these bubbles penetrate the fabric and inflate around clothes to create a protective film.

Similar technology is used in IFB’s O2 Wash.

Innovative Drum technologies

A washing machine drum is arguably one of its most important components. Washing machines must ensure that the fabric is cleaned thoroughly without damaging it.

An important part of this endeavor is the drum design.

The designs of different manufacturers differ. The drums are designed using a specialized technology by Bosch. Known as the VarioDrum technology, the paddle changes direction at different speeds as it spins.

By spinning the paddle in one direction, it utilizes the flat side to clean the loaded clothes. A unique wave-droplet pattern is delivered when the paddle changes its spinning direction, bringing a profound cleaning experience.

It ensures that the laundry is well taken care of with this technology. With its top-loading machines, Samsung utilizes Diamond Drum technology. 

There are 25% fewer holes in these drums. A diamond-shaped depression surrounds these holes, which ensures the clothes don’t stick out of the drum.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in IndiaFinal Words

When both you and your spouse are working professionals and find little or no time for other household duties, fully automatic washing machines can be very beneficial. It is not necessary for you to worry about laundry while you are preparing meals and spending time with family.

It takes just one push of a button to start the washing machine with all your clothes in it. The best washing machines can be found from several brands. 

Many of them cost quite a bit, while others can be had very cheaply. Even if they are less expensive, they might not have all the latest and advanced features that you need.

You will just need to choose a brand and product that meet your needs. Before choosing the best fully automatic washing machine in India for your family, compare a few models and their features.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine in IndiaFAQS

1. Is it better to buy a semi-automatic washing machine than a fully automatic washing machine?

A fully automatic washer, rather than a semi-automatic, is the better choice if you ask this question. For all of your laundry at home, you should use your semi-automatic washing machine.

In the case that you wish to replace it with a fully automatic machine, then this will be a wonderful decision for you. You don’t have to be present or take extra care of the fully automatic washing machine in order to complete the cycle you set. 

The semi-automatic machine, however, requires that you remain nearby until the wash cycle is complete.

However, if your budget does not allow for fully automatic washing machines, you are also advised to opt for semi-automatic ones since the cost will be much lower than a fully automatic one.

2. What is the amount of water needed to complete the full wash cycle in a fully automatic washing machine?

There is no significant difference between a fully automatic and a semi-automatic washing machine in terms of water consumption. 

In contrast, if you wish to spend your money on a fully automatic front load washer that can complete a wash cycle without using much water, you are advised to invest in this type of washer.

This is because front loading, fully automatic washing machines use just 60 liters of water during each wash cycle. A front-load washing machine has a much lower water consumption than a semi-automatic or top load fully automatic machine. 

Typical semi-automatic and top-load washing machines use 120 liters and 140 liters of water, respectively. You can now decide where your money will be invested.

3. Are fully automatic washing machines susceptible to damage from low water pressure?

The fully automated washing machine can be damaged when the water pressure is too low. However, most of the time, low water pressure will prolong the length of time it takes to complete a full cycle of the fully automatic washing machine.

In order to prevent this from happening to you, you can take measures to ensure that water pressure is enough. Use the additional water pump if the water pressure is low.

4. What should one do when the electricity goes out while the automatic washing machine is running?

Firstly, unplug the washing machine so there will not be a surge when the electricity comes back on. In case you do not have the memory function in your fully automatic washing machine, then you will have to start the cycle from the start.

In addition, if you remember the time when the power goes out, you can conveniently set the remaining time for the wash cycle to finish. However, choosing a fully automatic washer with a memory feature might be better for you.

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