Best convection microwave oven under 10000

5 Best Convection Microwave Oven Under 10000 2020 India

Best convection  microwave oven under 10000

Presently, most of the people find it challenging to find time for cooking due to their busy schedule. However, homemade food is healthy after all for our health, and we can’t compromise with our health.

Here, a convection microwave oven can be a great savior that will help you to prepare food faster than ever. Convection is a way of heat exchange by which the airflows move. It is based on the principle of natural air movement. 

A convection microwave is a type of microwave that provides quick cooking features, including crisping, browning, etc. Unlike traditional microwaves, convection microwave ovens cook the outside of the food as well.

Convection microwave ovens use a fan that forces the air movement and, thereby, heating the entire interior of the microwave to cook meals from inside to outside correctly.

Hence, you can use a convection microwave for baking and roasting purposes. The fan inside the convection microwave circulates the hot air and the radio frequency to cook the food quickly.

Before going further, we will first focus on the difference between a standard microwave oven and a convection microwave oven. 

Difference between a standard microwave oven and a convection microwave

As many people use standard microwave ovens, you should know about the fundamental difference between a standard microwave oven and a convection microwave oven.

Though a standard microwave and a convection microwave is the same thing; still, the technology is different from these microwaves.

If you consider the heating method, you will see that the heating method of these two microwaves is different.

The standard microwave ovens generate radiation on the micro-wave, whereas convection ovens use fans to circulate the heated air inside the oven. The cooking times also are different between these two microwave ovens.

Convection ovens can cook 25 percent faster than the standard microwave ovens. The cooking procedure is also quite different from these two microwave ovens.

Standard microwave ovens don’t use traditional heat for cooking food, but a convection microwave cooks the food by applying high-temperature. 

Top 5 best Convection Microwave Oven under 10000

Convection microwaves help quick foods quickly and keep the authentic flavor of foods, and you can also use multiple dishes in these microwave ovens.

But both in the market and over online, you will get several brands of convection microwave ovens with different specifications.

Hence, in this article, we will provide a list of top 5 convection microwave ovens so that you can pick the best convection microwave unit for you. 

1.AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave

AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave oven under 10000

While you are looking for the best convection microwave, you can go for the Amazon Basics 23 Liters convection microwave oven for its excellent specifications. 


It offers a huge capacity of 23 liters that is sufficient for a family of 3 to 4 members. It will fulfill both your heating and cooking requirements. 


With the convection function, you can do everything like cooking, baking, grilling, and defrosting with a one-touch button. 


Here, you will get the convenience of an LED display panel. The LED display panel adds an aesthetic appearance to the microwave oven.


Also, you will get the support of digital control with 65 auto-cook menu options that are easy to use


Moreover, with this convection microwave oven, you will get the support of the Child lock function that will protect your child from any type of accident caused by this microwave oven. 


The timer of this microwave oven helps you track the progress of the cooking, and the timer also gives a signal when the food is prepared.


This convection microwave oven also provides the defrost function. So, you don’t need to wait longer for food to thaw. With the defrost function, you can cook food within a few minutes. 

  • Preheat function.
  • Child lock
  • Auto cook menu
  • Sleek design
  • The quality of this product is not up to the mark.

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2.IFB 20 L Grill Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 20 L Grill best Convection Microwave Oven under 10000

With the IFB 20 liters convection microwave oven, the task of cooking will be more comfortable than ever. This microwave will help you to cook quicker that will be very beneficial for your busy schedule.


The 20 liters capacity is ideal for small families or suitable if you are a bachelor. 


It offers the convenience of the steam clean. The steam clean feature helps you to free the microwave from grease very quickly within a short time. 


Also, you will get the support of the auto clean feature. You just have to put the food into the microwave, and it will get defrosted easily.


Here you will also get 61 standard menus with which you can prepare complicated dishes within a very short time just with a one-touch button.


With the dedicated grill mode, you can enjoy excellent delicious foods within a very short time. Moreover, the double grill function helps to distribute the heat evenly inside the microwave oven. Therefore, this microwave oven is suitable for making cakes and kebabs. 


With the IFB 20 liters grill microwave oven, you will get the support of overheating protection. When the temperature gets too high, the microwave gets switched off automatically.


Last but not least, you will get the express cook feature with this convection microwave oven. The express cook feature lets you cook faster than ever with just a one touch button. 

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  • Auto defrost
  • 61 standard menus
  • Express cook
  • Attractive appearance
  • The customer support is not so good.

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3.Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave o​​ven

Godrej is a very reputed brand for making electric appliances for over 62 years.

The Godrej 19 liters convection microwave oven is considered as one of the best convection ovens for its excellent specifications.

With this microwave, you can prepare healthy dishes. And, the nutrients of the foods remain in the foods. 


This convection microwave oven works with a unique multi-distribution system that helps you to cook faster. The multi-distribution system allows the heat to get distributed evenly inside the microwave oven. 


It comes with a stainless steel cavity that is rust free. This stainless steel cavity enhances the efficiency of the microwave unit


Here, you will get the convenience of a Child Lock feature with this convection microwave oven. This feature ensures the safety of your child from any type of accident caused by the microwave oven. 


The best part of this microwave unit is that it comes with an oil free feature. So, with this feature, you can enjoy delicious dishes such as Chicken tandoori, French Fries, Kebabs, etc. with less oil. 


The Godrej convection microwave oven comes with instacook menus that let you cook delicious dishes within a very short time. 

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  • LED display.
  • Stainless steel material
  • Beautiful prints
  • Insta men
  • The operation is a bit complicated.

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​4.BPL 25 L Convection Microwav​​e Oven

The BPL 25 liters convection microwave is considered one of the best convection microwave ovens for its excellent performance.

With this 25 liters convection microwave oven, you can prepare delicious foods easily.

You can surely go for this convection microwave oven if you have a family of at least four members.

In this microwave oven, you can do everything from baking, grilling, defrosting, and reheating

1. This convection microwave oven comes with a stainless steel cavity that enhances the efficiency of this microwave unit.

The stainless steel cavity allows the heat to get circulated evenly. So your food will get cooked accurately. 

The stainless steel cavity is scratch-free and stain-resistant. Thereby this microwave oven can last for a longer time. 


It comes with a smart power selection feature. This feature ensures that the food won’t be overcooked.

With the smart power selection feature, the user can select different power levels according to different cooking requirements. 

It also helps the microwave to conserve energy by customizing power usage.

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  • Touch keypad control.
  • Huge capacity
  • Smart power selection
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • It does not provide any starter kid with the unit.

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5.LG 28 L Con​​vection Microwave Oven

If you want to have the best convection microwave oven under 10,000, you can surely go with the LG 28 liters convection microwave oven.

It offers a huge capacity of 28 liters that is ideal for large families.


With the convection feature, you can use this microwave oven for baking, cooking, grilling, defrosting, and reheating.


Here, you will get the convenience of a touch keypad that is easy to use and easy to clean.


The best part is the Child Lock feature of this microwave oven with that your child will be safe from any hazardous accident.

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  • Budget-friendly.
  • Excellent features
  • Touch keypad control.
  • Classic appearance
  • It doesn’t come with grill racks

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How to purchase the best convection microwave oven

The best convection microwave ovens should meet all your cooking requirements. There are several aspects that you need to consider before purchasing a convection microwave oven. Such aspects include;


Size- While you are purchasing a convection microwave oven, you first need to consider the size of the oven.

You should keep in mind how much food you need on a daily basis and how many family members are in your family.

The food will not be adequately prepared if you buy a large convection microwave oven and cook less meals in the oven.

A 20 liters size is considered as the standard one. Otherwise, if you have a large family, you can go for a convection microwave of 30 liters.

It is recommended to choose a convection microwave oven with two shelves so that you can heat the meals easily. 


Installation- After considering the size, you need to consider the installation of the convection microwave oven.

The installation varies according to the various models of convection ovens. For the built-in models, it will require a lot of space to get installed.

Otherwise, if you choose a benchtop convection microwave, you will need a flat surface to get it installed. So, the entire installation depends on the type of convection microwave oven that you will choose. 


User convenience- Like other electrical appliances, a convection microwave oven also should be convenient to use.

So before making a purchase, consider whether the unit is easy to use or not. Several microwave ovens come with a lot of options, and it can be confusing to the user.

Hence, it is recommended to choose a convection microwave oven that comes with easy instructions and that you can use conveniently. 


Visibility-  When you are purchasing a convection microwave oven, it is important to consider visibility. It is important to observe the cooking.

Sometimes the food may not be adequately cooked, and also the unit may malfunction sometimes.

Hence it is essential to consider the visibility of the microwave so that you can notice while the foods get cooked inside the microwave oven. 


Energy consumption- Usually, the wattage of a convection microwave ranges between 600 to 1500 watts.

The energy consumption depends on the capacity of the unit. If you are going to use the microwave unit for daily cooking purposes, it is recommended to choose a unit with lower wattage.

A convection microwave unit with lower wattage will save electricity. 


Maintenance- Last but not least, you must consider the maintenance before purchasing a convection microwave oven.

It is a bit tricky to clean convection microwave units. Regular and proper maintenance will not only keep your microwave efficient but also enhance its durability.

So, if you are purchasing a convection microwave oven, you should go through the manuals properly so that you can maintain the convection microwave unit adequately. 

Final words-

If you want to have the best convection microwave oven, you can choose from the mentioned top 5 convection microwave ovens.

Though there are many options, you will find these five are the best from every perspective.

Of course, here also you will see some cons; still, these convection microwave ovens are excellent by the overall performance.

You just need to go through the buying guide and pick up the best convection microwave oven for you.

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