9+ Best Coffee Maker Machine in India 2021

Best Coffee Maker Machine

India is the seventh-largest country that produces coffee, and its consumption has doubled in the last couple of years, with a greater demand for coffee beans than instant powder. 

As coffee is an organic product, it loses its flavor over time when stored on store shelves. Fresh coffee beans are a better alternative for people who want to sip their coffee in the morning.

You can easily crush your high-quality beans and automatically brew them in a coffee maker with lots of amazing features to satisfy your needs. 

In early 2021, coffee machines have become affordable enough for the common consumer to make the perfect cup of coffee with the excellent strength, taste, amount of milk, cream, and sweetness in a cup. 

That is why we have compiled a list of the Best Coffee Maker Machine In India that you can use to find the perfect machine for your home to enjoy warm and relaxing coffee every day. 

Why you need a Coffee Machine? 

If you are a regular coffee drinker and want to make a perfect cup of coffee every day, then and it is a good idea to invest in a branded coffee machine. 

Coffee makers can help you makes all kinds of espressos in minutes, so you won’t have to make them on your own at your house manually. 

It also ensures that your coffee is cooked properly to get machine flavor that can’t be found on an instant coffee mix available at the stores. 

Surprisingly coffee makers are not that expensive, and you can easily buy them on a small budget without worrying about the reliability of the machine.

What are the different types of Coffee Maker Machine In India? 

From a Drip coffee maker to a French press, there are multiple types of machines in the market that you can choose from to make your cup of coffee automatically. 

Here’s a list of the basic coffee makers available in India: 

– Drip Coffee Maker 

Drip coffee makers are quite affordable and support many features to suit your needs while giving you an easy-to-use system in a single machine. 

It uses the power of gravity to filter your coffee, and all you have to do is pour the ingredients into the container to prepare your coffee automatically. 

They come in two different versions, and the first is a manual version that can only make one cup of coffee at a time but allows you to experiment with your drinks.

The second version is an automatic coffee machine that suits your daily needs as it uses the same protocol every time you make coffee to avoid mistakes.

– Steeping Coffee Maker 

Steeping Coffee Makers are for people who don’t mind waiting for a few minutes to brew their coffee as it takes time to make coffee with this machine. 

This coffee-making machine required low technology and lets you easily make your ground coffee beans in a very affordable way. 

Compare to other automatic machines available in the market, a Steeping Coffee Maker promises quality, and you can easily take them with you on trips. 

– Stovetop Coffee Maker 

Stovetop coffee makers are also called traditional machines that required you to boil water in a filter chamber and please coffee afterward to make it manually. 

Unlike other models, you have to do every task on your own while making a cup of coffee for you in the morning, which is not ideal for many individuals. 

Generally, people buy these coffee makers because they are cheap, and you can make 10 to 12 cups of coffee at once with these stovetop coffee mugs. 

Top 10 Best Coffee Maker Machine In India Review 

1. Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker 

Best Coffee Maker Machine

Morphy Richards is a global brand that makes innovative and efficient coffee machines worldwide with lots of great features at a reasonable price. 

You can easily make multiple types of coffee in your coffee maker like mocha, cappuccino, espresso, etc., with custom settings to suit your needs. 

Plus, it has an attractive glass jug that you can use to store & serve coffee to your guest in your house while giving them a luxurious experience with your professional coffee maker. 

The coffee machine can make at least four cups of coffee at once, and you’ll be able to satisfy your family in a single brew making it the Best Coffee Maker Machine In India. 

  • Makes 4 cups of coffee at once.
  • Comes with two years of warranty.
  • It is easy to clean and manage.
  • Powerful heater with overeating protection.
  • No Auto Shut-Off feature.

2. Coffeeza Lattiso Coffee Maker 

Best Coffee Maker Machine

Coffee Lattiso sells India-made coffee machines perfect for brewing a fresh cup of coffee with an elegant and modern design to complement your kitchen. 

It comes without an energy-efficient but fast heating device that heats up within 45 seconds after turning on the device to always give you a premium experience. 

The coffee machine is ideal for homes and offices because it is portable enough to fit in any corner of your house and can make up to 20 cups of coffee at once. 

The Auto shut-off feature of this coffee-making machine can turn it off after 4 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about any heating issues after leaving it on overnight.

Moreover, the coffee machine is quite affordable, and you can expect to get a premium product with minimal maintenance cost over the years to save money in long-term usage. 

  • Makes premium froth coffee.
  • One Year of warranty.
  • Comes with a mordent design.
  • Light-weighted and easy to move.
  • Built quality could have been better.

3. Tecnora Classico Coffee Maker 

Best Coffee Maker Machine

For people who want a sleek, compact, and lightweight coffee maker for their home, then Tecnora Classico can be a great pic for their test. 

The machine is quite easy to control, and you can froth milk by producing steam at the same time you are heating water to do multiple tasks at once.

It is equipped with a temperature control system that allows you to set an ideal temperature according to your needs with a high to low preference mixer. 

The auto shut-off feature saves energy by shutting off the machine after 25 minutes of inactive use and ensures to give you the best morning coffee to match your taste. 

Plus, installing this coffee machine is quite easy, and you can find a spot to place it around your house and make use of its amazing coffee-making cabinet.

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Equipped with auto switch-off.
  • Simple but ergonomic body.
  • One Year of warranty.
  • Makes some noise while working.

4. Philips Coffee Maker 

Philips is an Indian brand that has been trusted for over a decade to make kitchen and household products worldwide with top-quality features in a budget-friendly way. 

You can try your Philips coffee maker at your home, office, or any other area as it has a universal design that makes an affordable but attractive coffee blend. 

Philips has provided you with a guarantee of two years from the date of purchase that gives you a reliable product to use for a long time before replacing it with another one. 

The coffee maker is also equipped with a detachable filter to clean your coffee properly, making it the best coffee maker machine in India for 2021. 

  • Dishwasher, safe parts.
  • Two years of warranty.
  • See-through container.
  • Easy to clean or fill.
  • Capacity could have been better.

5. AmazonBasics 650 Watt Drip Coffee Maker 

AmazonBasics is a global manufacturer that makes kitchen and garden tools with other equipment to make your life easier than ever before in your home. 

The Black Decker coffee machine is a perfect device for making delicious coffee in various ways to help you get up in the early morning. 

It can work up to 2 hours without getting overheated and has a light design that works smartly to minimize energy use in your home. 

Moreover, you can use this product for mid-range to large families as it can fulfill all of your needs efficiently with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

  • Most affordable option on the list.
  • Portable and light-weighted design.
  • One Year of warranty.
  • Comes with reusable filters.
  • No overheat protection and auto shut-off.

6. Nescafe Smart Coffee Maker 

People only know Nescafe as a coffee manufacturer, but they also make coffee-making machines equipped with next-generation features. 

You can easily control the Nescafe coffee maker by a mobile phone to wirelessly make coffee whenever you need an espresso, cappuccino, mocha, or other exotic drink. 

The machine has active cleaning technology built inside its container to help you clean the mug easier while giving you a dishwasher-safe product. 

Additionally, the coffee machine makes your coffee in 60 to 90 seconds & takes a lot less time than other coffee makers available on the list to create unique coffee every day. 

  • Light-weighted and safe to travel.
  • Can handle multiple hours of work.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Works wirelessly with a phone.
  • Can’t make different flavors of coffee.

7. Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee

Bodum is a global brand famous for making simple but effective coffee machines in the market in a reasonable price range. 

The coffee machine is ideal for homes and offices because it is portable enough to fit in any corner of your house and can make up to 3 cups of coffee at once. 

It is relatively easy to control, and you can make coffee with the French press mechanism to get a sweet aroma to satisfy every coffee enthusiast.  

Also, the Bodum coffee maker has a modern design with a clear glass container that is durable enough to last long even after regular use. 

  • Makes 3-4 cups of coffee peruse.
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Made from a heat-resistant material.
  • Easy to use and portable in size.
  • No Warranty by company.

8. Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker 

Russell Hobbs comes with a detachable water tank that can be filled up to 0.6 liters to make fresh espresso and cappuccino coffee in a single touch. 

The machine features programmable buttons that are useful for users who want to make a coffee with a custom setting to get the required aroma and flavors. 

It is relatively easy to clean and maintain, and you can use the product for long periods as it comes with a warranty of 2 years by the manufacturer. 

Moreover, the coffee maker supports an automatic shut-down system to save electricity while giving you a fast and convenient way to make ideal coffee right from your home. 

  • Portable and light-weighted.
  • Simple to use and refill.
  • Features a detachable water container.
  • Two years of warranty.
  • No overheat protection is given.

9. Preethi Cafe Zest Coffee Maker 

Preethi Cafe Zest is a luxurious coffee maker that supports a quick heating mechanism, so you never have to wait for the machine to heat up before making coffee. 

It comes with a durable and safe stainless steel container that can hold 3 cups of coffee at once to serve multiple guests at your home. 

Even if you forget to take out your coffee, the machine will automatically control its temperature to give you the most delicate drink in the world. 

Moreover, you’ll be able to save energy on this coffee machine, and a one-year warranty becomes an added benefit to never disappoint you after its purchase. 

  • Comes with microfilters.
  • Easy to pour with a jug.
  • Made from BPA-free material.
  • One Year of warranty.
  • Built quality is not so excellent.

10. Instacuppa French Press Coffee Machine 

Instacuppa is a made-in-India brand, unlike other coffee machines, to give you a high-quality coffee blend at an affordable price like no other brand in the market. 

It comes with a dedicated four-part filtering system designed to remove impurities from your drink and give you freshly brewed coffee within minutes. 

The coffee machine is perfect for small and mid-range families as it can take 3 to 4 cups of coffee in a single time. 

Besides, the simple, light-weighted, and easy-to-use design is perfect for keeping the coffee machine around your kitchen without any space problems. 

  • Modern design with a see-through container.
  • Can be used for making multiple flavors of coffee.
  • Comes with a cleaning brush & scoop.
  • Available with four layers of filters.
  • The capacity could have been better.

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Best Coffee Maker Machine – Buying Guide

Before purchasing your first coffee maker, read this in-depth buying guide to get the best of your coffee maker’s features on the Indian market. 

Apart from that, this guide will also help you analyze the above coffee makers to choose the perfect machine as per your needs.

– Capacity 

Coffee machines are available in various sizes, and you have to consider the capacity depending upon your family size. 

Small family’s or bachelor standard-sized only need 1 to 2 cups of coffee peruse, but a larger family may need 5 to 9 cups of coffee every day. 

That’s why it is important to carefully choose the capacity of your coffee machine never to purchase a product that has less capacity to suffer in the future.

– Load Range 

The load range of a coffee maker will help you tell if the machine is suited for your needs or not. Many people prefer to drink coffee regularly throughout the day, and other people drink it once or twice per day. 

It would help if you chose a coffee maker depending upon how much you use the machine to make a cup of coffee on an ordinary day. 

Some machines don’t run for long periods, and you can suffer quite an inconvenience while making coffee with them, so choose wisely among the above products.

– Brewing Time 

The taste of your coffee can significantly depend on the time it took to brew and which type of coffee machine was used in the cooking process.  

Coffee machines like the French press can make coffee in 2 to 4 minutes and only takes less cooking time to give you an instant coffee mix in minutes. 

While some machines can take about 20 to 30 minutes, depending upon the mechanism they use while making coffee, that’s why you should check the Brewing time before purchasing any product from any retailers. 

– Size & Weight 

The size and weight of your coffee maker do not affect how the coffee tastes, but it is a valid point to consider if the coffee maker is fit for your home, office, or kitchen. 

Read the descriptions of the coffee makers before buying them to find out what is its dimensions are and how much space it will take. 

Also, you can buy a standard-sized and light-weighted product from the online store to figure out afterward where to place the coffee-making machine.

– Maintenance 

If you want your coffee maker to work for a long time, you have to do regular maintenance and cleaning to lengthen its lifespan. 

Remember to check if your coffee maker machine is dishwasher safe or not to wash its outer parts in a dishwasher.

When a coffee-making machine has no removable parts, it will take a lot of time to clean it from inside to outside properly. 

– Ease-of-use  

The whole reason for buying a coffee maker is to easily make coffee without any complications or manual work in your kitchen. 

It would help if you never bought a complicated coffee maker as you won’t manage it properly with so many functions and buttons to understand. 

That’s why espresso machines like French press and drip coffee makers are perfect for basic users to get their hands on their first best coffee maker machine in India.

– Brewing Options 

Some coffee machines come with an inbuilt grinder that lets you grind all of your roasted beans and cook them in a single product. 

Freshly ground coffee beans taste better than old powdered mixes available in shops and give you a luxurious coffee drinking experience.  

However, they require you to spend a little more money on this additional feature which is why if it goes out of your budget, you can skip this and buy a simple coffee maker also.

– Auto Shut-Off 

Make it a habit to buy Auto Shut-Off products as they save your electricity and reduce the risk of damaging the product while working when you are not around. 

Some well-branded coffee makers come with an auto shut-off feature that lets you automatically break down the current after a while when you are not using the machine or leave it on overnight. 

– Water Filters 

The water filter is an off premium feature that is not found in many coffee-making machines in India. Only large brands offer these filters as they can get expensive for general buyers.  

It allows you to filter the water and make your coffee free from bacteria, viruses, and any other impurity from your water making it safer and healthy to drink.

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Best Coffee Maker Machine – FAQs

1.  Which is the best coffee machine for home? 

We suggest you go for our top pick, the Morphy Richards espresso coffee maker because it is an affordable design that comes with quite many features. 

2. What are the best coffee machine brands? 

Morphy Richards, Coffee Lattiso, Tecnora Classico, Philips, Black Decker, Preethi Cafe, and Nescafe are some of the most reputable and popular brands in the Indian market. 

They hold the reputation for making the Best Coffee Maker Machine In India for more than a decade to be used in offices or homes.

3. How to use a coffee machine? 

Coffee machines are very easy to use, and you ist just have to heat up your machine and add water, milk, and ground coffee beans into its container. 

Afterward, start the machine and wait for a few minutes to let it make your coffee, and then you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee to start your day.

4. Why should I buy an expensive coffee maker? 

Expensive coffee makers make coffee that tastes better than other regular coffee makers, and if your budget allows you to buy an expensive machine, this is your choice.

They are optimized to prepare the perfect coffee, keep the temperature within the required range, and control all your tasks at the push of a button.

These machines are more uniform in size and come with a flawless design that can look good anywhere around your house with the added benefit of a luxurious experience. 

5. How to clean a coffee maker without vinegar? 

Vinegar is a substance made from acetic acid to kill germs and bacteria, but it can make your coffee taste sour after cleaning. 

That’s why you can use this other alternative to clean your coffee maker properly from both the inside and the outside. 

Lemon juice also contains acidic acid with a lot less concentration, so you can use it on your coffee machine to cleanse it from the inside values in dish soap for the outside parts. 

Remember to remove all the functional components that could get damaged from water and placing the coffee maker together to dry all of its parts completely.

6. What is the best way to clean a coffee maker?

Coffee makers can get pretty dirty by brewing coffee on a daily basis in your house or office, which is why cleaning your coffee maker once in a while, is important. 

Start by washing moving parts with soap as they are usually dishwasher safe, and you can wipe the whole machine from the outside and completely dry it afterward. 

For cleaning the inside of your coffee machine, you should use vinegar and pour it into its tanks and let it sit around for 30 minutes to clean your coffee maker completely. 

Best Coffee Maker Machine – Final Words

Coffee has become a ritual for people who want to wake up in the morning and feel fresh to start their wonderful day. 

Coffee machines help you easily make coffee at your house or office without doing anything manually is in just a few minutes. 

You can make multiple types of coffee like espresso, mocha, cappuccino, or whatever you want without spending money on the store. 

These are some of the best recommendations for coffee makers in India that you can choose from to get an ideal product for making coffee every day. 

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