Top 7 Best 1 Ton Inverter AC in India

Best 1 Ton Inverter AC in India 2021

Looking for the Best 1 Ton Inverter AC in India then you might have landed on the right article.

With summers quickly drawing nearer, all the rooms in our house are quickly going to transform into a heater.

A climate control system has become a need in the fields, while many property holders in the slopes additionally introducing them in their homes.

So it has been a need for your home. To help you out, our research and editor team has already done comprehensive research to give you the best 1-ton inverter ac possible in your budget.

So in this post, we have listed down the 7 best 1-ton inverter AC available in India. But we should let you know that you are making the best choice for buying 1-ton ac other instead of higher tons of air conditioner.

Why 1 Ton AC is good than others?

Because 1-ton AC accompanies the upside of lighter weight comparing though with higher ton AC and has better proficiency.

The adjusting costs are to some degree comparable for both the variations. However, what is essential to know is that a higher ton of an AC would expect you to cover more electric bills.

That’s where 1-ton AC wins with a less electric bill, it’s also cheaper compared to higher tons air conditioner.

So let’s jump to the 7 best 1-ton inverter AC in India.

Top 7 Best 1 Ton Inverter AC – Review

1. Whirlpool 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Whirlpool is a well-known brand in the Indian market space and this Inverter Split AC stands out on its name.

In this AC, you get a Variable Speed Compressor using which you can adjust its power. This is perfect for small and medium-sized rooms. 

It has been rated 5 stars in energy rating because of its amazing energy-saving built. It consumes around 581.98 Units of Energy annually which is decent compared to other ACs in this range.

You don’t have to spend much time on its maintenance as it requires very low maintenance. The noise level is around 45 dB which is considered average in the appliances market.

Overall, this inverter split AC also has other interesting features such as 6th Sense technology, Dust Filter, etc.

Key Features –

  • 1 Ton Capacity
  • 45 DB Sound Level
  • 6th Sense Technology
  • Dehumidifier

Warranty –

  • 1 Year Overall
  • 1 Year on Condenser
  • 10 Years on Compressor
  • Low Maintenance
  • Great performance
  • Advanced Features
  • Users have faced some issues during installation.

Customer Reviews –

This is being rated very highly by the buyers. They like its cool and interesting features combined with its great performance.

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2. Samsung 1 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

This inverter split AC is manufactured by Samsung which is another widely known brand. It comes with 5 modes which can be used variably for different situations. 

The variable-speed compressor allows you to adjust the power. This is the best fit for small-sized rooms. Its auto-clean feature reduces your hard work of maintaining it. 

It is rated 4 stars in energy efficiency and consumes somewhat about 634.66 units of energy per year. The digital inverter technology feature is very handy for houses with frequent power cuts.

The voltage fluctuation protector inbuilt in it protects the product from short circuits. It’s a great product for people who want an AC for small rooms.

Key Features –

  • Turbo Cooling
  • Triple Protector Plus
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Anti-Bacteria HD Filter

Warranty –

  • 1 Year on Product
  • 1 Year on Condenser
  • 10 Years on Compressor
  • 1 Year on Gas Recharge
  • 1 Year on PCB
  • Advanced Features
  • Digital Inverter
  • Smart Installation
  • High Energy Consumption

Customer Reviews –

This product has mostly got positive reviews from the buyers. They have praised its great features at a decent price.

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3. LG 1.0 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

LG LS-Q12CNZD accompanies the most recent convertible 4-in-1 cooling innovation, the client can control the limit of AC according to the quantity of individual or atmosphere conditions for cooling and prevalent saving.

LG DUAL COOL Air Conditioner accompanies Ocean Black Fins, HD Filter eliminates destructive substances from air, for example, microorganisms, dust, pet dander, residue, bugs, and particles as little as 10 µm in size, consequently valuable for wellbeing.

Key Features –

  • Savvy Diagnosis System – Straightforward mistake warnings and far off finding assist you with comparing the closest LG administration focus and take care of the issue in a split second.
  • Low Gas Detection – CH 38 is plainly shown broadcasting live conditioner for convenient support and topping off if LG Air Conditioner distinguishes low gas levels.
  • Warranty – 1 year (comprehensive), 10 years (compressor with gas charging *t&c)
  • Energy Rating – 5 Star, best in class efficiency. Annual energy consumption: 571.99 units. Iseer value: 4.70
  • It is most energy-efficient and has a lowest-noise operation
  • It has got a 5-star rating in class efficiency
  • It is among the bestseller list of 1-ton AC in India.
  • You need to purchase an additional wall-mount bracket (L shape clamp) for installing an outdoor unit

Customer Reviews –

Bought it a few months ago. Delivery is good. LG’s services in our area are completed quickly and correctly. Standard installation @₹999. But charged with 1299.

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4. Sanyo 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Japanese brand Sanyo with a rich tradition of seventy years brings to you the most recent in AC innovation with the Sanyo inverter arrangement.

All the models in this arrangement are outfitted with full inverter innovation, PM 2.5 and dust channels, and a large group of other novel highlights to meet all your cooling requirements.

Sanyo Inverter ACs are planned to remember the special atmosphere states of India, guaranteeing ideal cooling at your home while keeping your power charges low with its energy-saving Japanese inverter innovation.

This pack included an indoor unit, outdoor unit, remote control, user manual, Warranty card, 2 batteries, connecting pipes.

Key Features –

  • Glacier Mode – Appreciates stream speed cooling readily available that permits 35% higher fan speed over medium mode to convey moment cooling right when you need it the most.
  • Full Inverter Technology – Individuals are extraordinary as are their AC use designs. Sanyo Inverter ACs change rotor rates to suit the circumstance, bringing about emotional energy reserve funds and decreased force cost.
  • Rest Function – Appreciate a decent night consistently with your Sanyo Inverter AC that auto-changes temperature for an agreeable rest.
  • Self Diagnosis – Not any more living in vulnerability. Get blunder codes showed on the temperature show territory of your Sanyo Inverter AC for simple investigating
  • Made in India.
  • Installation within 24 hours after delivery
  • Hidden display mode is good, it helps at night, otherwise, the light of the display is a little bright.
  • AC remote is made up of average quality
  • They don’t provide electricity cable with the indoor unit

Customer Reviews –

So far, the AC seems to be good, the quality of the remote control is a bit average, and the heat dissipation effect is not bad.

The installation cost is higher than expected. Overall, this is a good product in this price range.

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5. Sanyo SI/SO-10T5SCIC White 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Japanese brand Sanyo brings you the most recent AC innovation with the Sanyo inverter arrangement.

All the models in this arrangement are outfitted with full inverter innovation, PM 2.5 and dust channels, and a large group of other one-of-a-kind highlights to meet all your cooling requirements.

Sanyo Inverter ACs are planned to remember the remarkable atmosphere states of India, guaranteeing ideal cooling at your home while keeping your power charges low with its energy-saving Japanese inverter innovation.

Key Features –

  • Timer Function – Not any more awakening in the night to turn off the AC. Presently set your Sanyo Inverter AC to turn on/off consequently at an ideal time at the dash of a catch.
  • Hidden Display – Add a scramble of style to your home with Sanyo Inverter ACs that highlight a smooth and rich plan and elegantly shrouded temperature show
  • Hydrophillic Fins – guarantee predominant security against rust and salt harm with erosion safe hydrophyllic blades that guarantees longer condenser life.
  • 5 star split AC at the price of window ac
  • Uses a Panasonic distributor/service network, so many service centers are available.
  • Made in India at Panasonic factory Sanyo-Panasonic partnership.
  • There is no horizontal swing only vertical swing. This means you need to identify the location to place the indoor unit properly.
  • The standard length of channeling and link is just 10 meters which is less for any fair establishment.

Customer Reviews –

This is definitely value for money. Although the remote control is a bit confusing when used in the various modes provided, the heat dissipation effect is still good.

Rated the product as a five-star. But be prepared for unexpected installation.

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6. Voltas 23V_DZX 1-Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Improved execution with this Voltas 1.0 Ton Inverter 3 Star 123V DZX Split AC that guarantees you wonderful days ahead and a pleasurable retreat from the warmth.

The forced air system is incredibly advantageous to ensure that activity is never an issue. It includes a smooth alluring plan that will look amazing on your room divider.

The Air Conditioner is one energy-productive climate control system that you would not lament getting back. The energy utilization is low and it can likewise work at low voltage.

It comes with a copper condenser coil to provide you better cooling and that requires low maintenance. Although (R-410) refrigerant type has no ozone depletion potential & low global warming potential.

Key Features –

  • Progressed Air Purification – gives cleaner air by eliminating the destructive smell
  • High Ambient Cooling – keeps you agreeable even at 52°C.
  • Stabilizer Free Operation – works under a wide working reach, securing the AC if there are voltage vacillations. Besides, there is no compelling reason to utilize an extra stabilizer with the AC on account of its low startup voltage.
  • Small and compact can fit even in a small room
  • The installation team is very responsive
  • Sub-brand of TATA where you can rely on
  • You might have some issue with the remote range

Customer Reviews –

The voltage product is good, and the Voltage is the installation team on the day of delivery. Inexperienced installers have problems.

Because the AC compressor could not work and their wiring was wrong, I had to call Amazon to replace the product.

At the same time, the installation team sent experienced people to solve the problem and get it resolved.

Even though the product says that it does not need a stabilizer, I bought it for safety reasons. In view of this, I recommend buying non-inverter AC power with a stabilizer, so you can save at least 2k rupees.

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7. Blue Star IC512DATU 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

From the meeting room to the bedroom, Blue Stars’ new 5 Star DATU Inverter Split Air Conditioners, add a sumptuous vibe and convey the quickest cooling with the most extreme energy investment funds.

Key Features –

  • Dual Rotor Technology – lessens contact during execution, for smoother pivot with fewer vibrations.
  • Atmosphere Control – fluffy rationale program that will in a flash set the ideal cooling temperature during various climatic conditions.
  • Airflow mouth is a big
  • The great force of air circulation
  • The size of the AC can be a concern here as it requires a large area

Customer Reviews –

Bluestar AC is indeed very good in terms of cooling, low noise level, and energy saving.

But I suggest that some people think that before buying this AC, check the size of the compressor because it is too large and the same as 1.5 tons AC.

Fortunately, there is enough space on my balcony, so I can install such a large compressor. So the final content I submitted is that Ac is really good, but before buying Blue star’s 5-star ac, please check the size of the compressor.

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Top 7 Best 1 Ton Inverter AC – FAQs

a. Is 1 ton AC enough?

It completely depends on the requirements. The cooling power of a 1-ton air conditioner will suffice for a room between 120 and 160 square feet in size. One should get a 1.5-ton air conditioner if the room is between 160 and 200 square feet.

b. What is the room size for a 1 ton AC?

1 Ton AC is perfect for a room between 120 and 150 square feet in size. Anything above that may face some issues cooling the whole room.

c. How much area does a 1-ton inverter AC usually cover?

1 Ton Inverter AC maximum covers the area of a Room which is about at the highest 160 feet in size at max.

d. Is inverter AC good?

Among all air conditioners, an inverter AC is the most energy-efficient. Air conditioners with fixed speeds are more expensive and less accurate. Having a variable speed compressor reduces electricity consumption as well as causes less pollution.

e. What is 1-ton inverter AC power consumption per hour?

A 1 Ton Inverter AC generally consumed about 1,1 Units (1.15KW) of power per hour. Which is a lot less when compared to non-inverter ACs. So, if you are looking to save energy and eventually save some money then you can try Inverter ACs.

Top 7 Best 1 Ton Inverter AC – Conclusion

We have already listed out the best 1-ton inverter ac in India. Our recommendations are according to the numerical value given to them, still, you can go according to your budget and features.

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