Air Fryer VS Microwave – Which one do you think you should go with?

Air Fryer VS Microwave – Cooking may seem easy for people who are not involved in it. But, certainly, it is tougher than it may look in the first place.

And with the advent of technology and inventions of so many different types of appliances have made cooking much easier but confusing as well.

Today we will talk about two such appliances which confuse the people, air fryer vs microwave.

What are the basic differences between Air Fryer and Microwave?

At a distant look, both Microwave and Air fryer may seem as if they are for the same purpose. But in reality that’s not the case, the major difference between the two is their heating methods. 

  • For instance, Microwaves use microwave rays which vibrate the water molecules of the food. This creates a heating effect due to vibration creating a huge amount of heat which fries the food.

Meanwhile, the air fryer uses the convection method for heating. The air fryer has a coil that gets heated up and a fan that is placed beneath the coil helps to spread the heat equally in the basket. 

  • The difference in heating methods gives different results as well. The microwave cooks food very fast compared to an Air Fryer. But the food quality dips slightly in the Microwave as the food is sometimes overcooked or undercooked.
  • But, in an Air Fryer, you get more control of cooking the food as the process is slow.
  • When it comes to power consumption, the Air Fryer has a slight hand over Microwave. Although, there isn’t any significant difference the Air Fryer saves some energy consumption because it doesn’t require energy during standby mode whereas the Microwave needs energy even in Standby mode.
  • Both the Air Fryer and Microwave use around 1200-1500 watts. But, the battle of Air Fryer vs Microwave in the context of energy consumption is won by Air Fryer just because it saves energy while being in stand by.
  • Talking about healthy food, both Microwaves, and Air Fryers make cooked and well-fried food. But the oil consumption for cooking food is much more in Microwaves than in Air Fryers.
  • The Fryers don’t need much oil to cook because they have the capacity of retaining the moisture of the food. A huge amount of nutrients are also saved from getting dried in Air Fryers.

How do Microwave and Air Fryer Work?

Now, the debate of Air Fryer vs Microwave has got more intense as we have entered into more technicalities. 

The working of the Microwave is no rocket science at all. Interestingly, Microwaves do not have any heat generating capacity of their own. 

Instead, they have a small device called Magnetron which shoots Microwaves inside the chamber where the food is kept to be cooked.

Once the Microwaves are inside the chamber, they have no place to exit as the metal exterior of the appliance traps the waves inside and does not allow these radio waves to move out and affect your house.

These waves start hitting the water molecules of the food which is inside the chamber which produces vibrations in the water molecules.

And this vibration ends up generating heat and thus the food is fried and cooked.

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Air Fryers in contrast generate their heat on their own using the convection method. There are a coil and a fan inside the Fryer which do the main job.

The coil gets heated up by the AC current and the fan which is right on top of it helps in spreading heat downwards where the food is placed to be cooked.

The chamber of the Air Fryer is normally bigger than Microwaves which allows heat to spread equally and thus the food is cooked well.

And also, there is an option to put a bowl of oil under the fan which then sprinkles oil and heat both. This process helps in an equal and light coating of the food. It is very beneficial and helps in cooking fresh and healthy food with less oil. 

Pros of Using Air Fryer 

In this wannabe health-conscious world, Air Fryers are gaining quick popularity. And now people are now choosing Air Fryers over Microwave not just because it produces healthy food but it has other advantages as well.

  • The first advantage is the most popular one. Air Fryers are mostly acknowledged for their amazing quality of healthy food. A great number of nutrients are also retained while cooking.
  • The Air Fryers are very easy to clean. Most of the pieces are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher as well.
  • These are very versatile. You can make a lot of amazing dishes in it.

Cons Of Using Air Fryer

Nothing in this world is 100% perfect and the Air Fryers are no different.

  • The biggest disadvantage of Air Fryer is that it takes a lot more time to prepare food. 
  • It requires a lot more space than a Microwave.

Pros of Using Microwave

It’s not that only Air Fryers have advantages, in this battle of Air Fryers vs Microwave both come with some pros and some cons.

  • One of the biggest advantages of using a Microwave is that it cooks food very quickly.
  • Microwaves are easy to use and there is no hassle at all.
  • Heavy dishes which require a lot of ingredients can be cooked in Microwaves.

Cons of Using Microwave

There are also some slight disadvantages of using a Microwave.

  • It is widely acknowledged that Microwaves are experts in killing the actual flavor of the food.
  • Sometimes, the Microwaves cannot penetrate thicker food so there is no equal frying of food.

How to Correctly Use Air Fryer?

Using an Air Fryer is not a big task. All you need to do is connect the Fryer with an AC current and place the food which you want to fry. You can place oil as well which will be sprinkled by the fan on the food.

Be patient as this process takes some time. Always remember to give your food desired space so that the air can spread properly and cook it well.

How to Correctly Use Microwave?

Well, there are various ways of using Microwaves. So, there is no one correct way of using it. People use it according to their convenience. You have to find the method which suits you the best.

Talking about the cooking process, all you have to do is place the food inside the chamber and set the time and temperature. The microwave will process the food for the desired time and temperature.

You can cook varieties of food inside it in quick sessions. Reading the user manual is a great thing as it gives you the required information of dos and don’ts for that particular product.

Remember that you are playing with radioactive ways so be extra careful while using it. Cleaning it is also not a big task, you can refer to the user manual for the best guidance.

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Air Fryer VS Microwave Final Words

There is no perfect answer on who is the winner in the Air Fryer vs Microwave debate. Both are in great demand in the market which means people prefer both of them. 

Some people use Air Fryer for lighter foods and Microwaves for heavier foods which they can prepare fast during the time of any house party.

So, Microwave vs Air Fryer shouldn’t be a matter of debate. Instead, we must be satisfied that we have both these products in the market.

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